Friday Giveaway: Nature's Call Natural Deodorizer

You wipe your bathroom surfaces with organic cleaner, you stock your bathroom with organic soap, you use organic toilet paper, but something else is not in sync: the aerosol spray you use after you go to the bathroom. It's full of harsh chemicals that are not good for you or the environment!

Introducing "Nature's Call," an all new organic bathroom spray by Poo-Pourri. Nature's Call is sprayed directly into the toilet bowl before you "go" to trap and eradicate embarrassing odors at the source. Poo-Pourri Nature's Call is a natural blend of Organic essential oils that do more than just improve air quality - it is environmentally friendly, safe for your septic tank and the planet. Nature's Call is a fresh citrus blend of Organic essential oils, including lemongrass, orange and grapefruit to leave the bathroom smelling clean and fresh. It is available in a 2 oz. size (up to 100 uses) and a 4 oz. size (up to 200 uses).

One lucky mama will get to try "Nature's Call" for themselves. Leave us a comment answering the following question to be entered to win:

"What is your most memorable poop story?"

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[this giveaway will be closed on Thursday, October 1st, at 11 PM, & the winner will be announced next Friday!]

And now, for the winners of last week's Natural Dental Products giveaway:
((Kathleen W))
((Andrea V))


  1. My favorite poop story was 5 years ago. I had 3 week old twins, a 5 year old girl and a 3 year old boy. I was doing something in the kitchen and decided to check on the babies in our bedroom...hubby was at work. I walk in and see my 5 year old daughter with my 3 week old daughter laid out on her legs...CHANGING her diaper! I WAS TERRIFIED and thoroughly amused all at the same time...she looked at me with her matter of fact look and said "Mommy, she was poopy.". I didn't know what to do or say. To accomplish this feat, she (remember, she was 5) had to have taken my baby out of her bassinet, picked her up, climbed onto our bed (which was tall at the time), put the baby on her legs after getting all of the necessary equipment to wipe her sweet bottom...and change her. If I think too long or too hard on this, I get a little shaky remembering what could have gone wrong...but this is BY FAR, my favorite poop story...

  2. y favorite poop story was when my daughter was just a baby. She had the stomach flu and she was walking through the house and the yucky,smelly green stuff was pouring out of her diaper. What a mess! I have never seen so much come out of one little girl. Thank you!

  3. I'm signed up for your mailing list.

  4. Oh, poop stories! Here's a link to my very worst, most horrible poop story... It involves goopy poop in the grocery store, so be forewarned.

  5. this is so funny! i saw this stuff in a local boutique downtown last week and thought it was hilarious. i will say i smelled it, and it was pleasantly citrus-fresh :)

  6. I have an almost-3-year-old and a 9-month-old, so there has been a lot of poop around here for a few years. I don't think we've had any times that were that unusual but my favorites have been the times that one of my kids had a "pooptastrophy" and before I changed it (and had to then bathe them, scrub their clothes and pretty much everything else), I made sure to take a picture and email it to my husband at work to tell him that he OWES ME.

  7. I'm on your mailing list (using xpbloch at juno dot com).


  8. My baby was sleeping in between my husband and I one morning when I awoke to my husband saying "I smell poop" I opened my eyes to see poop all over my husbands back!! I looked down at our precious child who was smiling of course, because he had just learned how to remove his diaper all by himself!! There was poop all over the sheets as well. Then I looked down at my cute new nursing tank top which was pulled up so the baby could have free access to the milk factories while I slept. My lovely lady humps were completely covered in poop!!!

    And the worst part was the next day when my MIL said "I heard the baby s**t on your ti**ies"


  9. My favorite story was when my firstborn decided to take off a full diaper while in her crib and decorated it with the content!

  10. blog roll


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