WFMW: trash into toys

We wanted to recycle this idea now that summer is in full swing:

Thinking about buying some new sand toys? How about recycling some of your kitchen items? I'v noticed a few moms doing this, and they seem to be the hit items on the playground. There is something so satisfying for a child to pour sand from a milk carton into a yogurt cup! Much more exciting than those plastic kits from the store . . and better for the earth.

Some other items to try:

  • plastic spoons and forks
  • old baby bottles
  • yogurt cups
  • juice jugs
  • egg cartons
  • cottage cheese containers
  • maple syrup containers
  • empty water bottles

1 comment:

  1. Great idea!! Let me go check my recycle bin. Of course, my 4 year old may have beat us to the punch. He's constantly raiding it for material for his "machines" or for bug homes or whatever. Kids are better at thinking of these things than we adults, I guess, who tend to get hung up on "it's trash" or "it's not a toy." It is a toy if we or they say it is.


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