TALK BACK: what's on your playlist?

'Fess up.

What are you listening to in the car?

What are the cd's on rotation when your kids are in the car?

What do you love to listen to you are alone, and you actually remember to turn off their music and put in something you like?


  1. Oohh, I love these questions, I always get exposed to some new artist that I never heard of before that I end up loving!!

    I'm listening to Christian stuff by Coffey Anderson. Which, thankfully, I can listen to, even with the kids in the car!

  2. With the kids...stories on CD by Jim Weiss, he is an amazing storyteller! We have about 7 different CD's that my 3 year old loves and I don't mind either. Educational and entertaining, check him out at

    When I'm alone...the country station, Christian station or classical.

  3. When it's mom's choice - Lisa Hannigan, Slow Club, School of Seven Bells, Passion Pit (but only in small doses)

    When it's kids' choice - Indiana Jones soundtrack, *rolls eyes* the Jonas Brothers, Andy Hunter, and Hillsong United

  4. My kiddo is just 6 months, so he listens to our "chill" iPod... Jack Johnson, Grateful Dead, John Mayer, Andres Vollenwieder (sp?!)

    Eventually I'm sure I'll have to break out the praise and worship CD's I picked up when I was a children's ministry leader.

  5. Phil Wickham. An amazing album called SingAlong. Love it!

  6. we're lucky enough to have kids who are always cool with whatever we're listening to.

  7. Lots of Michael Buble, and praise and worship. Lots of oldschool, like Petra!

  8. Oh goodness, my playlist is pretty varied. Everything from old school Wayne Watson to John Michael Montgomery to DC Talk to Apollo Sunshine to Jack Johnson to Casting Crowns. I just download songs I like. My kids really like the songs from "Enchanted" and they sing along to "Big House" and "Shine" and "Soak Up the Sun." I just put "The Champion" by Carmen on there (much to my poor husband's dismay) and the kids get a kick out of it.

  9. I try to make sure my kids have an appreciation for old school jazz. right now what's playing on the ones and twos is roy ayers' mystic voyage.

  10. Right now I'm in love with The Ditty Bops, Wouter Hamel, and Room Eleven. I like artists with a unique edge to them.

  11. When the kids are with me, Kidz bop..yes, Kidz bop, over & over & over. Me alone....Norah Jones, Amy Winehouse, or easy listening station.

  12. I can't get into the kids music thing, at least not yet. I have my ipod on shuffle and we get all sorts of stuff from Duran Duran to Morcheeba to Beastie Boys.

    I sing and my daughter rocks out!!

    I do want to get the Gabba Gabba soundtrack, that's one kids C.D. I can handle because it's current bands singing fun songs...!!

    When I'm by myself ~ KCRW at all times, NPR + amazing music and shows.

  13. phil wickham
    jack johnson
    Francis England (for the kids)
    Martin sexton
    and, sadly, yes, a Christmas mix (ouch...who is lazy with changing the cd's?)

  14. I'm sure this comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but we are usually listening to broadway soundtracks. With the kids, we love Hairspray, In the Heights, Les Miserables, and Dreamgirls. My kids also like The Beatles, Feist, James Taylor, and worship music. And they LOVE Drew Bray. :)

    When I'm in the car without my kids . . . oh wait, that NEVER happens!


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