Talk Back: What is your child's Native American name?

We've all played the "What's Your Porn Star Name?" game. Okay maybe just me. But I thought it would be funny do have a little fun at our own childrens' expense. Because I'm having one of those days where if I don't laugh, I just might cry. Again, maybe just me.

Soo . . .

Play along. If you had to name your child based on their characteristics right now, what would it be? Think Dances With Wolves, toddler style. I've been toying around with the following Native American names for my kids.

For India, I'm thinking

Prone to Tantrums

or maybe

Rapidly Cycling Moods

For Jafta, perhaps

Endless Questions With No Answers

or maybe
Noise That Keeps Moving

What about your kids? Come on. You know you have some ideas . . .


  1. My daughter would be: Scoffs at authority

  2. My oldest would be sensitive caring one

    My middle would be very high maintenance girl

    My youngest would be go with the flow sweet one

    Not the best native American names, LOL

  3. my son would be 'darts into traffic'. he has no sense of impending danger and will run into streets, parking lots, etc.

  4. Um...didn't we play this game once before?

    I like the topic, though, so I'll play again.

    I often joke that my oldest's name would be, "Walks Into Walls." My middle daughter would be, "Lacks Mute Button." My son would probably be something like, "Everyone wants to sit next to." He's a pretty popular little guy.

    As for the baby, I'd probably go with, "Drowns in Eyes." She has the most gorgeous eyes.

  5. Our 8-week-old would be "she who sleeps little" and our 2-year-old would be "negotiates for cookies."


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