TALK BACK: end of summer

The end of summer is drawing near. As the start of school approaches, how are you feeling? Are you grieving the brevity of your summer freedom, or are you ready to get back to routine? What were some highlights of the summer for you? Did you accomplish what you hoped (even if that meant relaxing)? What did you want to do that you didn't get to? Any plans before school starts?


  1. I'm feeling kind of bittersweet. I would be lying if I said that I'm not excited for school to start and some of the sibling rivalry to be ending. But I am sad about getting up early and seeing my big boy in first grade. We've had a lovely summer and even though we haven't done a lot of "big stuff" we've had some small fun times that have added up to a really enjoyable time. We have our state fair this weekend which is the final hurrah before the beginning of school next week. :)

  2. i am nervous about school starting. i did accomplish what i set out to do this summer, and that was to love on my girls, to boost their self esteem, and make sure they know they're the most beautiful girls in the world to us from the inside out. i am excited about starting over at a new school for both my kids. it will mean they are apart for the first time, but they will be able to forge their own identities. summer went by in a blink.


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