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Are you a name junkie? Then, you need to make your way on over to What a Lovely Name. It is an interactive site that allows you to search for names in a lot of different categories (traditions, celebrities, dispositions...).

This is the kind of site that I would have gotten lost in while pregnant. I also would have driven my husband crazy. But, you should totally go and play there. And, actually, what your husband will probably love, is that you can even search names that are from "other worlds", so he can then see all the names that would honor his obsession with "Star Wars". Please just remind him that funky names are fun when babies are cooing, but not so fun on the playground.

So, just for fun, if you had to re-name each of your kids with a name from one of the "other worlds" (Harry Potter, Middle Earth, Narnia, Star Trek, Star Wars), which "world" and which name would you choose for your children?
Are you happy with the names you chose for your children? Ever reconsider? Was it easy for you to choose, or a no-brainer? Did you pick during your pregnancy or wait until their arrival?


  1. Well, my husband really wanted to name our daughter Arwen (from LOTR) and I nixed that idea. Not that I don't love LOTR or anything, but we already have a son named Sam and I don't want people to think we're, you know, weird!

    As far as naming my kids, I like their names and think they suit them. We had issues picking them, though, especially our daughter's name. Middle names have always been especially difficult. We were down to two choices when my older son was born and my hubby just picked one. We picked our second son's middle name the night before I went in to be induced with him. And our daughter's middle name was still up in the air as we drove to the hospital when I was in labor. :)

  2. That site is awesome. I think I would choose Samara for my daughter if I had to choose a name from another world for my daughter, but I love my daughters actual name so I think I will stick with that. I am not expecting but I think I could spend half a day just hanging out on that sight.

  3. I love names and I often joke that if I could be anyone in the bible it would be Adam to name everything...I tried to convience my husband to let each kid have 2 middle names just so I could use up more names on my fave list...We are done done making babies..At least I think but even last night I was talking about names w/ him. He rolls his eyes at me but I dream...

  4. My husband chose the first names of both our kids, and I love their names (Dade & Matia). I have a name chosen for my next daughter if we have one, but I know already my husband doesn't like it. I hope I can win him over when the time comes, if it does. The name is Jenora. It is my great grandmother's middle name. My Gandmother's name is Nora, so I thought it was a nice name to honor both women. We have used middle names to honor family for both of our other kids.

  5. We had two names in mind, and named her one of them the day she was born...but immediately regretted it and changed it the following day. Had to call all the relatives twice! ha!


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