risk management

Jafta has acquired quite the collection of costumes in the last year, and dressing up as a knight/superhero/spiderman/fireman is his favorite thing to do. I used to store his costumes in a big box on a ledge over his closet, so he had to ask me to get a costume down. The other day, he came strolling out of his room dressed as spiderman, and I was wondering how he got access to the box. This is what I found:

A chair set on top of a toy chest, with his drumset stool balanced on top. Creative? Yes. A great way to fall and break his kneck? Oh yes.
The costumes are now stored in a toybox within easy reach. ER trip averted . . . for now.


  1. Those little guys can get pretty resourceful when they really want to, can't they!

  2. oh my! that could have ended badly, LOL


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