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Finding the right clothing to wear after having a baby can be a challenge. With my first baby, I bought several specialized "nursing tops" because I thought I needed a whole new wardrobe for nursing. I'm learning this time around that with a few key pieces, moms can avoid buying expensive specialized clothing for nursing.

My favorite nursing accesory has to be the bella band. It's not even designed for nursing - it's actually made for pregnant women. But I find that it is perfect for covering up the midsection while I nurse. I pull it up right to my nursing bra, so it gives the illusion of a cami when I pull up my shirt. I'm also a huge fan of nursing cami's, which allow you to wear a regular shirt, without exposig the tummy while nursing. Glamourmom's camis are perfect for wearing alone or under clothing, and their bras are built in to the top. Their camis are extra-long and very soft. They also have some great nursing nightgowns that are flattering to the post-partum figure.

Spanx also has a criss cross camisole that has worked well for me. This body-shaping cami slims and smoothes with light compression that starts under the bra line to firm the entire midriff. This is not designed expressly for nursing, but the criss cross feature allow for easy access, and the compression minimizes the post-baby muffin-top.

Bella materna is my favorite for making practical and stylish nursing bras. Their pieces are in supersoft stretch fabrics and great colors. My favorite combo as a working mom is the Anytime Camisole – I can wear it to bed, or all day under a work top. I can wear it like a layering cami, wear my favorite shirt over the top, or a cardigan or just wear it like a tank if I am hot.

It's hard to feel sexy while nursing, but Amoralia has designed a lingerie line with nursing moms in mind. Pretty undies can be a quick self-esteem booster, and their pink satin bra with balck lace is a popular pick for moms who want a little oomph. Larrivo has a great line of nursing camisoles and nightgowns that are perfect for lounging in comfort at home. They are very figure flattering and forgiving as the body changes shape post partum. The bulit-in nursing bra is comfortable and supportive and the snaps are very user friendly, and the camisoles are pretty enough to be worn alone or under another shirt.

When it comes to maternity clothing, Peek-a-boo designs have taken into consideration the changes in a woman's body from early pregnancy through nursing. The side stitches conceal the less-favorable tummy and back areas. Their unqiue design allows for access without looking like the typical nursing shirt, since the opening is hidden just under the breast. A little duck illustration is situated in the inside of the top and is revealed only while breastfeeding, reminding mom which side to feed next. The pieces are simple and stylish in solid coloring and soft fabrics.


  1. I have an entire wardrobe of Glamourmom nursing tanks, LOL I wear them of my life.

    I have never seen the peek-a-boo designs before. Will have to check those out :)

  2. Great topic. My son turns 4weeks tomorrow and nursing wear is constantly on my mind.

    Other finds:

    ***** Just ordered a few items. Very well made and reasonable price. Regular shipping arrived promptly. Love the teal sundress - cup has two layers, so if you use lansolin, doesn't soak through and leave grease stain. Have already ruined some tops not knowing that

    ****** My alltime fav 2 tops from here - black wrap top and charcoal cross nursing top. The latter very cool split detail on shoulder of sleeveless and best coverage without looking dorky. D&A line great as can use for maternity and then nursing (during and after). A bit spendy, so I troll the sales. Can pick up at San Francisco store to save on shipping.

    **glamourmom** nursing tanks, agree are practicle, not that stylish, a good basic

    **amon nursing bra** my fav so far

    Tangent - idea for topic for comments - fav baby/nursing/pregnancy ap for iphone - there are some good ones out there

    Theresa and lil' Dante (nursing as we speak - bellabumbum bra and milknurising pink printed top)

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  4. There are some seriously good products on your blog. I love the Glamourmom stuff. Wish it was available in the UK/

  5. Thank you for the post, i really appreciate the way you have written, keep impressing us.


  6. Thanks for the post, it was quite helpful!

  7. This is a nice blog which shows some good products for mothers to be and nursing mothers.

  8. Wow, that's amazing, some mom's are shy to breast feed there babies in public so I think that is the best dress for mommies out there. The side stitches conceal the less-favorable tummy and back areas. Their unique design allows for access without looking like the typical nursing shirt, since the opening is hidden just under the breast. I found so many interesting gift ideas in your blog.Its post very helpful. Thanks again.
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  9. There are some great products here... my only problem is that the prices of the items listed are pretty steep! Coming from a mom who breastfed baby #1 and is shopping for baby #2 now... I just can't afford this stuff! So tell me are there any bargains out there!?!?

  10. My favorite nursing styles are from Lady Lait. They have an AMAZING camisole that will conceal a properly fitted nursing bra, and has a moisture-wicking shapewear panel. All the styles are mix and match and very versatile. Visit the!!


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