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I am all about empowering women . . . and I just got a new little tool that has made me feel a little more "woman hear me roar". It's a gadget called CarMD, and it is basically a handheld device that tells you why your "check engine" light comes on. You know when you have an issue with the car, and you take it in and the run a "diagnostic test", and then charge you $90 to tell you what's wrong? Well, CarMDis basically giving you the power to do that diagnosis at home. And for only $98, it basically pays for itself after one use.

The reason this device feels so empowering for me is because I often feel like the car is the "man's territory". Because of that, I get overwhelmed with any car issues that crop up when my husband isn't home, and I feel intimated (and sometimes like easy prey) going to the mechanic's by myself. The beauty of CarMD is that in an easy step, without even pulling up the hood (or calling my hubby), I can figure out what's wrong with my car. You just plug it in to a port near the VIN, and then remove it and plug it in to your computer's USB port. It will then issue a full report of any issues with the car.

While I think this is a great tool for moms, I have to say that my husband was pretty dazzled by it, too. It would make a great gift for the dads in your life, and it's a money-saver since you can print out the diagnostic report and take it to the dealer. It can also catch hidden engine problems, double check mechanic estimates and examine a used car before buying.

EDITED TO AD: CarMD is offering a discount: $10 off a CarMD unit to all MM reader until September 15! Visit their website at and enter promo code: Safemom.

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