Friday Giveaway: Hasbro Card Games

We are excited to offer a fun giveaway from Hasbro Card Games. Whether you are looking to shuffle up the fun at home or challenge family members on the go (we think these games are perfect for long flights, road trips, and visiting relatives), these card games are an economic and easy way to enjoy a family game night!

We are giving away two complete sets of the following games to 2 lucky mamas:
  • Negotiate your way to a win with Monopoly Deal.
  • Create fast and furious words with Scrabble Slam.
  • Play four classic childhood games at the same time with Crazy Old Fish War.
  • Entertain younger players with Littlest Pet Shop Go Fish card game.
To be entered in this giveaway, please leave us a comment answering the following question:
"What is your favorite road trip memory either from childhood or with your own children?"

And the winner of last week's giveaway is:

((((Lo ))))

Shoot us an email and we will hook you up!


  1. My favorite road trip was when we took the camper from Oregon to Yellowstone. My brother and I would ride in the camper while my parents were in the cab of the truck. Unheard of this day and age. We would lay down up top on the bed and watch the cars as we drove or we'd play cards at the table. Fun times.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  2. We traveled all the way from Michigan to California when I was 10 to visit my great great grandmother- it was totally awesome!

  3. My favorite was when my Grandparents took my brother and me to Kentucky to visit the racehorse farms, just because I loved horses so much! The drive was fun, because of course grandparents are so much more lenient than parents. Thanks!

    sphinxcw at aol dot com

  4. My favorite memory is playing I Spy in the car. My sister used to cheat and change what she was syping all the time... :) Thanks for the chance at some great games,

  5. I am fortunate enough to have wonderful memories of traveling as
    an Aunt/Nanny of my older sister's
    two daughters and of traveling with my husband and our two children!
    I was 10 when my first niece was born and 15 when my sister had her
    second daughter. We have always been
    close and I traveled with them on their vacations! One of my best memories is our adventure to Disneyworld! We traveled in an old station wagon and pulled a pop up camper behind it! One night while camping, a tornado hit a town about 5 miles from out campground.
    The second night, we found out too late to relocate that the campground had sewer problems!
    It was fun camping outside Orlando and I still have such vivid memories of entertaining my nieces with as many games as I could.
    Many thanks for a chance at these delightful games. Our family would really have a blast playing them.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  6. My favorite game in the car always was finding words on billboards and signs that started with each letter of the alphabet. I remember the excitement one time when the game had stalled at Q and we passed an advertisement for a Quality Restaurant and we could finally move on to R!

  7. My favorite road trip memory was when we were kids we drove to the Niagara Falls. My mom put together a lot of fun activities for us to do on the way so we wouldn't fight and argue or keep asking are we there yet? She made up cute bingo games with questions she made up,she drew doodles with the same doodle for the 4 of us and we drew a picture,it was fun seeing what we each came up with plus a lot of other fun stuff. That was the best trip ever! Thank you!

  8. My favorite road trip was going out in the Winnebago with my sisters, cousins and aunt and uncle. We played card games on the bed the whole time and stopped at a lot of great campsites along the way. Quite an adventure!

  9. My favorite road trip was going out to the east coast (mostly Maine) and just enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the ocean with my sister, parents and grandparents.

    khmorgan_00 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  10. My favorite road trip?Traveling cross country from CA to MA, and back, hitting as many states as we could along the way. It was really nifty!

  11. My favorite road trip memory as a kid was to Bear lake. We played all sorts of car games and spotted landmarks we knew were on the way to our destination. We had road side picnics and great family time together. I loved it.


  12. My favorite road trip was going out to the Bahamas and just enjoying the beauty of the mountains and the ocean with my sister and her friend named Amanda....


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