WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY: Watercolors With Less Mess

My kids love painting with watercolors. What this Mama does not love is the amount of watery paint that drips off the paper onto the table and the floor. There is also often an inevitable melt-down because so much water was used that the paper will tear and the masterpiece is ruined.

Solution :: use paper plates to paint with watercolors. They are thicker than your average paper so there is less chance of a tear catastrophe, the ridges on the edges keep water from trickling off the masterpiece onto the floor, and the circle shape allows the kids to create outside of the “box”.


  1. Good idea! You can also use coffee filters and washable markers to create a tie dye/watercolor looking work of art. Just color the filter and then spray it with a water from a spray bottle and the colors blend together.


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