Thank you, real simple.

Dear real simple,

Thank you for understanding that so many of us really do desire to have really simple options and ideas. While I love Martha Stewart and her amazing ideas and recipes, I find myself feeling a little "less than" when I see them. I mean, as excited as I am to put together a weekly summertime festival of lights featuring all things watermelon inspired and decorated down to the napkin rings and custom embroidered tablecloth, I just do not have the mental capacity to plan ahead or the energy to implement that kind of sizzle. I simply cannot spend 2 hours a day prepping for dinner.

So, real simple, thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I am excited about these short cuts that will allow me to make some new meals with sizzle, without spending the day prepping or shopping specialty markets for ingredients. I may not make all 40, and I will do some substituting of my own (brown rice instead of white, whole wheat pasta...), but I am inspired and I am hungry.

Simply yours,


  1. Have you seen "Everyday Food," which is published by Martha Stewart Living?

    It's like Martha -- only Martha on a Sunday afternoon when she wants to take it easy. Great, simple (!!) recipes that work well for busy moms. It's my favorite food publication. I would say 50% of my favorite new recipes from the last year come from that magazine.

  2. And thank you, Ali, for passing this along! I was just sitting here thinking about ways to be less wasteful with food and I am always seeking new, simple, good recipes. Thanks so much!

  3. Amen sister. AMEN. I'm a huge Real Simple recipe fan.


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