TALK BACK: Tomatoes

Summer is by far my favorite season. I am at home in a tank top, a summery skirt and flip flops. I love tan lines. I love that dusky warm sunset time of day where everything in the world just seems right. I love kids playing in sprinklers. I love climbing out of the pool to lay down on the concrete to get warm. Marco Polo. Buttery corn on the cob. The smell of the bbq grills throughout the neighborhood. Starry nights. Iced Coffee. Bare feet. Fireworks and iced tea. Long and lazy beach days. Sand toys. Summer vacation. Salad for dinner. ...there is so much to love!

But, at the very top, top, top of my "what i love about summer" list is home-grown tomatoes. They are so amazing. My mom has the greenest thumb and she is my "tomato pimp" all summer long!

What to do with all those tomatoes? Here are some of my favorite recipes for the tomato bounty:
What is on your "what i love about summer" list?
Any favorite recipes that showcase tomatoes?


  1. I make a chicken salad...then cut open a tomatoe...gut it (that sounds so bad)...then put the chicken salad in's pretty and tasty.
    sandy toe

  2. homegrown cherry tomatoes eaten right off the vine does it for me.


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