Popsicle Stick Book Mark

We have fallen in love with the Trader Joe's mango frozen fruit bars. They are the yummiest popsicles in the world.

They are a tasty little gift that keeps on giving because after we polish off the sweet, cold yumminess, (lick by sticky lick), we create book marks with the sticks. We have done simple ones that are the result of doodling with markers. We have done bug bookmarks by using pom poms and googly eyes. I think our favorites so far have been our "little fairy collages" where we collect little sticks and leaves and glue them on the popsicle sticks. Although, the bumpier they are, the less well they work as book marks. But, the process keeps little hands busy and the kids really enjoy creating something out of "trash".

As my friend (i wish) Jack Johnson says, "reduce, reuse, recycle".

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  1. I LOVE Jack Johnson! LOL What a great idea to put in goodie bags or to give with a book for a kids birthday gift.


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