FRIDAY GIVEAWAY: Lansinoh Diaper Rash Cream

Remember those cheesy mid-80's commercials about a certain diaper rash cream? There were several moms sitting around, and one is enthusiastically touting the benefits of her favorite diaper rash cream. I used to see this and think, who in there right mind is THAT excited about diaper rash cream??

Well . . .

I recently tried Lansinoh's newest, and I am a serious convert. It really is different than the thich, heavy, white creams I've used in the past.

Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment contains a unique formula that soothes baby's bottom and helps prevent irritation, without leaving a mess on your hands or damaging clothing.

Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment contains a blend of three special ingredients that work together to soothe, treat, and prevent diaper rash. These include Lansinoh HPA Lanolin, an ultra pure, medical-grade lanolin that forms a protective barrier to help seal out irritating wetness and promote natural healing on baby’s bottom.The second active ingredient in Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is microfine zinc oxide, which greatly differs from the zinc oxide found in traditional diaper rash ointments that can be thick and pasty. Lansinoh microfine zinc oxide goes on baby’s bottom white to see where it’s applied, but rubs in clear. It also makes the ointment light when applied to the skin, and provides strong, lasting protection. Lastly, Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment contains dimethicone, an emollient that allows for superior spreadability, while softening and soothing baby’s delicate skin. Lansinoh Diaper Rash Ointment is also fragrance free and hypoallergenic.You can find the ointment on shelves at Walgreens and Babies"R"Us, but we are giving away a full-size tube to one lucky reader!

To be entered in this giveaway, please leave us a comment answering the following:

"How many wipes do you usually use to change a dirty diaper?"

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And now, for the winner of last week's giveaway:

(((Kim Brown)))

Congratulations! Shoot us an email in the next two weeks and we will hook you up.


  1. I always shoot for no more than two but if the need arises I will use more. I am a bit of a penny pincher though, I'm Dutch! :)

  2. Usually 2. If more are required I usually resort to a warm wet washcloth.

  3. This is my FAVORITE diaper cream! I also use the wipes :) I try not to use more than 1 wipe but sometimes 2 is necessary. I'm trying to convert back to cloth wipes thought. :)


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