You get what you focus on

The extra long hugs, the wiping of tears,
the in-depth answers to the many whys.
the playing at the park,
the looking long into blue eyes,
A million I love yous.
The dancing in the kitchen,
the ruffling of hair.
The wrapping snug in a towel
and holding close.
The tucking in
and lingering long.
The breathing in
The heart swelling.

Sure, there are stresses and strains that turn me ugly around every corner, but there are many more moments that are the ones that truly define me as a mother. I just keep forgetting to look at those. My meltdowns are simply inevitable responses to all the plate spinning, balls in the air, tightrope walking, and pressure. The funny thing is, when I accept these moments of snapping and grumping without guilt, they are fewer, and life seems even more full of lovely.

lovely feet

lovely mud

lovely ride

lovely diaper butt

Heather writes at The Extraordinary Ordinary

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