WORKS FOR ME WEDNESDAY: heating up a bottle

Here at the Mama Manifesto, we are jumping on the bandwagon. The "Works for Me Wednesday" bandwagon, that is. Turns out there is a whole blogworld out there of moms, sharing their best tips every Wednesday. We like that.
Today's tip is for moms with wee ones. I think we've all been tempted to zap a cold bottle in the microwave just to "take the chill off". When you've got a screaming baby who wants to eat NOW, it's not the time you want to be standing over the stove, boiling water for ten minutes to create a warm bath for the bottle. Not to mention, boiling water while holding a baby can be a safetly concern.

I finally found a way to heat up my baby's bottles quickly, using the speed of the microwave without exposing the milk to harmful rays. I keep a plastic cup next to the fridge, and zap a half cup of water in the microwave for one minute Then I sit the cold bottle in the cup, and spin it for two minutes. Voila! Warmed milk in three minutes flat, with no microwave exposure.
Did you know that warming the milk, in any way, can break down the helpful properties of breastmilk? Another tip I learned is to begin to train your baby to accept cold milk, since that is the way breastmilk is usually stored. As your baby adjusts to accepting a bottle, gradually heat it less and less. By the time my first daughter was six months, she was comfortable with both breastfeeding and drinking expressed milk straight out of the fridge. This made life a lot easier for me, and assured that the breastmilk was not being comprised by overheating.


  1. My newborn couldn't nurse right away since he was early, but he had no problem taking the expressed milk straight from the refrigerator. I guess it was because he didn't know any different. He nurses great now and still has no problem with cold milk, although we try to leave some on the counter for at least 15 minutes before we know he's going to want it. Great tip!

  2. great points about room temp milk.Whenever I need to give my girls expressed breast milk I always gave to them cold. They never had a problem drinking it this way. It was easier for me and their babysitter, too.


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