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Just a straight up question today:

What books are you loving reading with your kids these days?

What books are you enjoying reading on your own these days?  


  1. My husband just started reading "The Wizard of Oz" to our sons. We're all enjoying it a lot.

    I have a new baby in the house and not much time for personal reading yet! :)

  2. I've just finished 'Where the Heart is' by Billie Letts and 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya sisterhood' by Rebecca Wells. Both books that I read before I had children and didn't have a huge impact on me. Now, however.....

    Maybe I'm just more emotional. Or maybe there are experiences that you can't relate to in the abstract until you've experienced them yourself?

    Phoebe is reading (some words of) Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss.
    And Guy loves 'Aaaaagh! Spider!' by Lydia Monks.

    Every night!

  3. The Twilight Saga... I can't help it, I'm obsessed.

  4. Miles is really in to Crazy Hair Day these days.

    I'm reading the latest Jodi Picoult, not sure how I feel about it yet. And I'm reading Angry Conversations with God (a spiritual memoir that rocks) and Churched (just started that)

  5. I just finished Les Miserables, it was the second time I tried and this time I really was into it and enjoyed it. I think it is one I will read again.

    My oldest loves the Magic Treehouse books and A to Z Mysteries. My second anything I will read to him - we love Edward Fudwupper. My baby would rather eat them.

  6. I desperately want to read, but haven't picked up a book since my daughter was born last summer. Hopefully this summer I'll make time for reading again. I miss it.

  7. I let my son pick out the books.. So it's all up to him there.. But two books that I am currently reading that I am enjoying are Crazy Love by Francis Chan. It has truly motivated me to change my Christian walk to something that is so much more glorifing to Him and Effective Parenting in a Defective World by Chip Ingram.


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