TALK BACK: confession time

There's a saying I like that rings true for many of us:

"I was an amazing parent until I had children"

What are some of the surprises about parenting that you would not have expected? What are some of the things you do as a parent (or let your kids get away with) that you never thought you would do?


  1. I didn't think I'd let them watch TV. Now PBS is a good friend of ours.

    I thought I would be really patient and peaceful all the time. Yeah, THAT was before I had kids :) I'm much more easily frustrated than I thought. I didn't realize how long the hours would be some days, how tiring the tasks, how endless. It's a strange thing to feel so many conflicting emotions all day all the time. I'm always over-joyed and content at some level because I'm so in love with these boys. But I'm also all uptight much more than I ever dreamed I would be.

    The End. Sorry I wrote a novel.

  2. I only have one little baby, but I swore she would learn to sleep anywhere, anytime.

    Right at this minute she's sound asleep in her crib. In her room with room darkening shades, and a white noise machine. When we travel, the machine goes with us, and we bring heavy towels for the windows. ARGH!

  3. I'm with you on the patience, Heather! I promised I would also talk in a sweet, calm voice and gently help them see the light. Ha!

    I swore I would never buy my kids soda or junk food. Sigh! I'm still pretty proud of how we eat, but when we go out or are traveling, it's pretty much out the window!

    I also promised I wouldn't use TV as a babysitter. Except that Jack loved Baby Einstein so much...

  4. Oh, let me tell you, my kids were going to be so very well-behaved all the time. Especially in stores. I used to have absolutely NO patience for moms whose kids weren't perfect in public. And while now I still lose patience with parents who don't even seem to be trying to keep their kids under control, I definitely have a lot more sympathy for moms whose kids are freaking out. You just never know what kind of terrible day that mother is having.

  5. I let my daughter eat hot dogs...every day.


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