TALK BACK: Breastfeeding on Facebook

In case you haven't heard, there is quite a stir going on at Facebook about breastfeeding shots. Several months ago, Facebook deleted any photos of women breastfeeding their children. The removal of the photographs has many women outraged.

Some who post the pictures believe the photographs are helpful to other women, while others find the pictures offensive. Some believe that breastfeeding is a private matter between mother and child and should not be posted online. Others find the pictures beautiful.

What do you think? Should these photographs be removed? Are they obscene or is it discrimination?

In case you are interested, here is the petition: Hey Facebook, Breastfeeding Isn't Obscene. And if you are on facebook, click the link on the left to join our network!


  1. Although I am in no hurry to post pictures of myself breast feeding, I don't think it is inappropriate for others. One of my "friends" just posted an album from a girls trip to Vegas and there was way more breast in those pictures than in a tasteful nursing picture.

  2. It seems to me that if you said to someone, 'Yes. My baby's hungry, but it's not convenient to feed him right now!', that would be considered as negligent parenting at the very least.
    To say 'My baby's hungry, but for some reason the people around me, don't want me to feed him, so I won't' seems pretty crazy as well!

    I genuinely don't understand why people get upset about pictures of breast feeding? It's what they are designed to do! Do people get upset about pictures of hands holding things, or mouths tasting things?
    Breasts are designed to feed babies. They are attractive to men because on a biological level, men want to know that the women who have their children will be able to feed them!

  3. I think it's ludicrous that facebook cares about this at all. Period. WTF? I'm joining that group now!

  4. Of ALL the photographs out there that people find inappropriate. I mean really. They don't care about people's topless Lake Havasu spring break photos? Seriously.

    As a new mom who is breast feeding, I have found it to be one of the most difficult parts of motherhood. It seems like EVERYONE asks if you are breastfeeding (and turn their nose up if you aren't) but then they are uncomfortable when you actually HAVE to do it. So frustrating.

  5. If they are tasteful, leave them! I agree that there is much worse out there! Breastfeeding is natural and a means of sustenance, not a lewd act!

  6. Why would Facebook feel they could censor the photos on anyone's personal or fan page in the first place, especially something so innocent? If you post photos on your personal page, only your friends can see. And if your friends don't likey...then don't lookey. Again, way worse topless (and pantless) photos all over Facebook not being censored.

  7. I am currently nursing my youngest daughter. I don't feel comfortable nursing in public much less showing pictures. However, I have numerous friends who don't mind nursing in public. I personally believe it is beautiful, but I don't belive pictures should be published online. Men are easily turned on by the sight of breasts. It doesn't matter if it's seeing a woman in a swimsuit or nursing her child. I don't want my husband to be tempted to look at a woman just because she believes it's her right to nurse in public without covering herself. Yes, you may see more breasts walking through the mall, but I don't belive that is right either. I believe we need to hold ouselves more accountable and stop justifying nursing without a cover just because we believe it is our right. Somewhere along the way we've blurred the lines between what is appropriate and what we think our rights are.

  8. Considering I've seen Facebook ads with sultry women in bikinis and whatnot, I think that one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. Now, if Facebook were also to go through and delete pictures of anyone inappropriately dressed, maybe I'd be okay with it...


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