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Parenting a newborn is hard. One major plus about adopting is that you aren't simultaneously dealing with the ego blow of having your body morphed beyond recognition after a pregnancy. I truly believe that the weight gain aspect is one of the unmentioned curses of childbearing. Your world is already being rocked with a crying baby, no sleep, breastfeeding woes, and an end to freedom as you know. Let's tack on top of that the fact that all of this will be happening while you struggle to find an outfit that fits over your blown-out midsection. And in order to feed your child, you must pull your shirt up and expose said blown-out midsection every 2-3 hours. You also get to constantly shield questions about when you are due if you dare to venture out of the house without the baby. Oh, and sometimes people inquire about your pregnancy while you are holding the newborn.

People. A public service announcement. If you see a woman with a child who does not yet walk or talk, DO NOT ask her if she is pregnant. No matter how pregnant she looks. Filter that question and tell her she has a nice personality or something.

With both my full-term pregnancies, I gained a lot of weight. With Karis, I gained an ENTIRE JAFTA. And he's obese . . . so that's a lot. I am pretty determined to lose it, but it is hard because every time I try to work out, something like this happens:

It's also hard because breastfeeding makes me ravenously hungry. The other day, a friend was over and I was whining about the extra weight. And she said, "Oh, but you are breastfeeding, so the weight should just melt off." And then we both started maniacally laughing because WHATEVER. Who does that actually work for?

[No one I would want to be friends with].

Another bonus of this stage is that nothing fits. I refuse to buy clothing in the size I am at right now. I am trying to think positively - and I am hopeful this is a transitional size. Which means that I am left wearing maternity clothes still - which are now too loose. They are always falling down, and I am always hiking them back up or exposing my backside when I sit down. It's pretty.

A few weeks ago someone told me about a blog called Shape of a Mother. It's awful. Hideous. And a totally accurate picture of what happens to a woman's body after giving birth. I love it. Living in Orange County, I sometimes need to remind myself what normal is. Normal is being a wee bit fluffy for a while after giving birth.

And that's okay.

Totally worth it.


  1. I'm all about Shape of a Mother. I keep on thinking I ought to send a photo and never do.

  2. Oh man, A-MEN sister. Regardless of how you "look" to other people, it's all about how you look to yourself (and how you feel about yourself.) Even though I didn't appear to gain much weight with my pregnancy, I have a completely different body. Thanks for reminding us all that it's okay. :)

    (And yes, so totally worth it.)

  3. Look at that baby!

    And um...YEAH. People think I'm thin because I have chicken legs. But my mid-section? UM...11 pound baby - 'nuff said.

  4. The timing of the post is incredible. I was asked when I am due for the first time today (my baby is 5 days old and my husband had taken her ahead of me after a doc appt).
    Oh, and then the lady advised me to push a pillow into my belly and wear elastic underwear. Wow.

  5. This is so true. And having lived in SoCal for almost 10 years, I feel your pain. That website, while horrifying, is a good balance to the craziness that is Orange County.

    That breastfeeding hunger is overwhelming, is it not? I remember, about five days after my first was born, wanting to eat a COW. My mother-in-law, who was staying with us at the time, kept making us salads and tiny little sandwiches for meals. I finally broke down and starting making myself a second HEARTY meal after everyone else was done eating. She was stunned (she has never had a baby) at my appetite; she had been making me salads assuming that I would want to start dieting immediately. Cracks me up to remember that.


  7. i hear ya's to loving those matter what our bods went through and look like now :)



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  9. I love your baby!!! She is so cute! I am with you about everything else!

  10. I have a two year old and a two month old. I'm trying to lose the baby fat, too. It's so frustrating! I totally agree with you. At least it's nice to know that I'm not the only one struggling. We can do it! (Although mine will probably finish coming off about the time we decide to have another one!)


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