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Anyone else ever feel like baby gear is taking over? We have a bevy of strollers at my house, and it often seems like they are taking over the garage. We are also constantly trying to figure out the best place to store them, or whether or not we just leave them in the car, etc.

Where do you park your stroller? Do you leave it in the car? Do you have a spot for it? How do you keep the strollers from taking over?
Since the addition of our new baby, we also have a living room cluttered with a bouncy seat, activity mat, blankets, and other random baby items, not to mention the toys that belong to the other kids. Any creative ideas for minimizing the baby gear clutter?


  1. Yep, build a shed. If you must build one just for baby gear! ha ha, you laugh, but my husband just built us a shed and 1/8 of it is dedicated to our stroller, diaper genie, toys & clothes in rubber maid containers & crib & change table! I'd get rid of the stuff except we're not done having kids yet.
    I'm excited to read comments from people who have figured out what to do with all the stuff.

  2. We just have a nine month old so we don't have as much stuff probably. The regular stroller is kept in the back of my SUV. The travel/convertible stroller is kept in the basement storage room. We just started putting away the activity mats, swings and bouncy seats (yes, plural -- a couple of each, for each floor so I didn't have to lug them around - they were gifts!). We are lending the stuff out to friends with younger babies when possible, and the rest is going into the garage and the attic, until the next baby comes along, then we'll clutter up our house with it again!

  3. The experts were right - I ended up with 3 strollers for one kid! They all have hanging places on the garage wall. I got so sick of them being in the way that when we had our "garage makeover day" we put up big nails in the studs and hang the strollers on those.

  4. Granted, I only have one child who is 4 months old, but we have decided just to come to terms with the fact that "baby gear" is a part of our lives now-- and our decor. We manage to stash a few pices behind the couch, but that bouncy chair can't seem to find a home other than smack dab in the middle of the living room floor. Can't wait to read everyone's input on this one!

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  6. I have issues with toys EVERYWHERE!! I try and keep as much of the big stuff put up as I can and just bring it out when necessary. I'm big on just letting my little one play on the floor. However, I have discovered that having ONE basket that is allowed in the living room of toys, minimizes the mess, and it's easy for me to just pick up and stash in a room when we have company. I pick up all the toys every night after the kids go to bed (the ones they haven't cleaned up) and put them back in thier place, or put them in a pile to place in thier closet the next day. This keeps the toy mess at a minimum. I have one pack n play in my bedroom that I have to clean out daily (mostly becuase my husband thinks its a clothes hamper). I have a swing that sits in my dining room. I have a Baby Einsten stationary jumber that hangs out under my bar, and everything else stays in her room till I need to drag it out. The big stroller stays in my trunk along with an extra diaper bag. And I have recently started leaving the car seat in the car as well. It makes me feel like it's one less thing that gets dragged in. Plus they are so darn heavy. I try to put everything up though at naptime and bedtime to keep me sane!


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