Introducing Young Children to Journaling

I think one of the reasons I love blogging so much is that it is a spin-off of journaling. I have always been a processor and I have always loved writing down my thoughts. It is my therapy. My decompression. That and running keep me sane.

I saw this idea in the March 2009 Wondertime magazine and had to share.
Create a “color” journal and keepsake for your child by introducing them to the art of journaling.
You need:
A small notebook
A jar of colored pencils or crayons
Stash them in a safe place that can be found easily every day. I like the idea of doing this at the end of the day – maybe as I am making dinner and am looking for an activity to occupy wrestless hands. It could also be a great pre-bedtime activity to help kids wind down for the day.

Each evening, ask your child this question: “WHAT COLOR WAS YOUR DAY?”
Let them get to work coloring the “colors of their day”. You can then jot their funny comments across the top or bottom of the page, or use journaling stickers found at scrapbooking stores. I love the way this can open up discussions about things we are thankful for in our days, feelings or other random discussions that would not happen otherwise.

How can you not smile when you hear, “Today was the color of the sun shining on the green grass with pink smiles.” Or, “Today was swirly pink like my hula hoop that I can do so long now.”  Or, maybe you hear, "My day was blue.  Just cuz."


  1. Hey Ali- My girls love their "journals" I make them. I staple huge stacks of paper together and write their names on the front and we call them their journals. :) I am keeping them in the memory box for when they are older. Their drawings are too funny! Oh PS You were one of the winners in my Mini Monogrammed Bucket giveaway!! Email me your info so I can mail you your prize :) Instructions on my blog! Thanks!!

  2. LOVE that idea. I can't wait until my little one is old enough! (Okay, maybe I can wait, he is so cute right now.)


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