Good Morning Java

I love me a yummy iced coffee, but I am not a big fan of unloading & reloading the kids to pop into Starbucks or paying $4 for a quick beverage. Can I get a witness?

Solution: Make your own perfect iced coffee at home. Try out the new “cold drip” method of making iced coffee. Instead of pouring your hot coffee over ice – diluting the coffee AND making it taste bitter – soak ¾ lb of ground (course is better than fine) coffee in 8 cups of cold filtered or bottled water overnight in the refrigerator. Strain your coffee through a fine sieve, and you will have approx. 24 servings of very strong (and very yummy) coffee that can be stored for up to 2 weeks.

To serve: pour 2 – 3 inches of coffee from bottom, add ice, and then add in milk or water. Stir.
If you enjoy your coffee sweentened, I suggest trying agave – it dissolves very quickly in cold beverages and tastes like honey mixed with brown sugar.

Shortcut tip: turn the extra coffee you have from everyday brewing or from this cold method into ice cubes to use in your iced coffees so that as it melts it does not taste watered down.


  1. My favorite drink is the Frappucino...and fortunately for me, unfortunately for my wallet, our local starbucks is less than a mile from our house. AND has a drive thru!

  2. I second that emotion! I never leave there for less than $6.00. When the little guy goes with me, he insists that he get a chocolate milk as well. Ugh, I hate paying $2.50 for 8 oz. of milk that I can buy at Kroger for a buck! Starbucks be damned!!

  3. Seriously?? I've never heard of this and it sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing it!!

  4. The minute I'm done nursing I'm going to be all over that cost-saving idea. Thanks!

  5. This sounds YUMMY! I have to try it! Thanks! Also, Ali thanks for all the YOUTUBE help! You are the best! If yo go to my blog you will see I was successful in getting the video on there :) Also, I am having a giveaway this week :) Hope you'll stop by! Thank you!


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