Double Stroller of my Dreams

I have a love/hate relationship with strollers. I hate pushing them around, squeezing them through store aisles, and heaving them into my trunk. But I also hate chasing my wild kids around, and love the containment that strollers provide in situations where I need it.

This conflicted feelings are even more compounded when it comes to double strollers. Let's face it: usually a double just means it's twice as heavy, twice as hard to push, and twice as difficult to fit through a door.

I have been through countless double strollers and until now, have often repeated the same mantra to moms who ask me about doubles: there is no perfect option. With my first two kids, I finally settled on a combo of strollers. I used a Joovy Caboose Sit-And-Stand for shopping, because it was tandem and could fit through aisles and doors, and turned well. But it was cumbersome to push and not that comfortable for the kid in back. So I used an Instep Jogger for long walks, beach days, or neighborhood strolls. I think both of these are great strollers, but I hated the fact that I had two, and that I was always having to switch one or the other out of the trunk, depending on my activity for the day.

I've had my eye on the Bumbleride Indie Twin for a while, because I had heard it was a thinner, lighter-weight all-terrain stroller. Mine arrived last week, and I am already a devotee.

The Bumbleride really is all that. The wheels are large and inflatable, so it's easy to push and suitable for long walks or light jogging. But the width of the stroller is smaller, and the wheels are not as large as other joggers I've had, so it can fit through doors (and into the trunk) with much greater ease.

This is one of those strollers that seems to have been designed by an actual mom, because the features are so useful. The under-stroller basket is actually accessible - you can take things in and out from the back or from the side. There is a cupholder for the parent (yay) and an optional snack tray for kids, if you want them to eat on the run. At the back of each seat is a zipper pouch that is the perfect place for mom's cell phone, keys, camera, or anything else you want accessible while you stroll.

The ride is pretty sweet for the kids, too. Each seat is fully adjustable and can even lay all the way back. The footrest is also adjustable. My four-year-old (who is the size of a seven-year-old) fits comfortably, but with a few clicks I can turn it into a bassinet-type seat for my infant. There is also an included carseat adapter that easily snaps on and off, which is great for times when baby is sleeping and you don't want to move them. Each seat also has an independent and adjustable sun visor that comes down far enough to shade the face from any angle.

We had the chance to take this stroller to Disney last weekend, which I think is always the ultimate test for a stroller's performance. We were so impressed. With three kids, this stroller made it easy to adjust each seat on the fly depending on who was going in. It turns well, it doesn't take up too much space, and we were complimented on the stroller numerous times. In fact, my sister-in-law has even taken to nicknaming this the "awesome stroller".

I agree!


  1. Ooh good to know - I'm forwarding this to a couple friends who just had their second children!

  2. One of my blogger friends, and your readers, works for Bumbleride! She'll be so excited about your great review! :)

  3. Looks like a great stroller -- checked out the price on Amazon. Whoa nellie. Does it also morph into a car for when they turn sixteen (or maybe a motorcycle and a sidecar, since it's a double...)? Just teasing.:) It does look awesome!

  4. I have the single version of this stroller, and I would marry it if i could. It is AMAZING!!!

  5. I love it!! I want it!! How do I win it???

  6. Heather is right...I am so excited about your review! Thank you!

  7. I agree that there is not a perfect option out there, yet.
    This being said, the Bumbleride Indie Twin comes awfully close! I have had mine just about a year now, and LOVE it! I see that they just came out with a carry case, cot and diaper bag (though my Skip Hop Duo is perfect for it!), which are great options. I have heard people don't like the pump for the tires,but it has worked fine for us. I would change the location of the cup holder (the stroller fits perfectly through doorways, but the cup holder gets in the way quite often so I end up having to take it off). I would put a "lock" on it so when you close it it snaps in place and I might make the shade a bit longer for more coverage. These are minor changes, however, and I would rate my Bumbleride a 9/10. It's a great ride, my kids (ages 3 and 1) love it, I love pushing it and I have gotten compliments wherever I go! Yay Bumbleride!


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