The Ugly, revisited

So when I blogged about my nesting frenzy, I got a little lost in describing my label-making efforts, and completely forgot to write about the truly ugly part. The part where I lost all self-control and spent upwards of of the price of two Kindles on random crap at

You see, I have a wee bit of anxiety about how I will manage to get any errands done with three kids. Getting to the store is already a struggle, and I cannot figure out how to fit three kids AND groceries into a cart. The other day, when my super-power nesting hormones took over, I started feeling panicked that I would never be able to leave the house again, and went into a little Y2K-stockpiling mode. And then I heard about Amazon's subscription services, and how you get free shipping if you subscribe and order things in bulk. I logged in and noticed that the 7th Generation diapers I like were much cheaper when ordered online. And then I sort of had a psychotic break and started ordering EVERYTHING that they offered, without looking at the price or thinking about how I would store all of these bulk items in our 1300 sq. ft. house with minimal closet space. I was in a gleeful trance of thinking about how prepared this was going to make me.

And a few days later, the stuff started arriving. I had ordered palettes, literally industrial quantities, of household items. The boxes were so big that I couldn't even fit them in the door. Dish soap, diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, dryer sheets, laundry soap, baby wipes, swiffer sheets, whole-wheat couscous, flax seed . . . the list goes on. All of these items in ridiculous number and completely overpriced, which I overlooked while ordering. (As I defended myself to Mark when he saw the bank account, it was a lot of math to figure out the individual price in bulk.)

So now, instead of feeling satisfied, I am completely annoyed with myself and trying to fit 24 boxes of couscous into my already full pantry. We have toilet paper hidden in every closet, and if you open the laundry cabinet, you might get hit in the hit with an errant box of dryer sheets.

But at least I won't have to go to the store for a while.


  1. I wondered if I could order some toilet paper from you. Because I am currently out. And using a box of tissues instead. And have no time to get to the store. Please send it express, overnight delivery. And maybe throw in a box of couscous.

    But keep the diapers to yourself.


  2. I use this for diapers, toilet paper, tissues, laundry detergent and paper towels but only after looking at the prices thoroughly. And it's great because I never run out of diapers. I found that a lot of the food stuff seems to be overpriced.


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