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A few weeks ago, we did a feature on the benefits of babywearing. We got the priveledge of trying out many of the baby slings on the market. I was so pleased to see how many options abound, and how stylish baby slings have become. If this attachment-promoting habit becomes a trend, I am all for it! There were two slings that really stood out for us, and I wanted to give them a little extra attention. These would both make a perfect baby shower gift for a first-time mom.
The Sleepywrap is the coziest baby wrap I have tried, and truly is a sleep-inducer for small ones. It's double-sided design gives great support for little heads and necks - and will also spare your own neck from pain because it distributes the baby's weight evenly. It provides a custom fit for baby since you simply tie the wrap carrier snug against your body, and it's a great way to nurse your baby without exposing yourself. The Sleepywrap is made of a heavier cotton knit with a touch of spandex so it is soft with a little stretch - and it washes really well. It's perfect for newborns (even for premies) but I was also able to fit my two-year-old in it.

Sakura Bloom has some of the most beautiful slings I've ever seen. They are made of reversible silks and linens in gorgeous colors that actually add to my outfit instead of detracting or clashing. I love the simplicity of clean lines and modern design, and this sling is a perfect fit of form + function. Sakura Bloom baby slings are build with busy moms in mind, and the sling allows you to be hands-free with whatever activity you do: walking, shopping, sending email, and feeding baby. The extra fabric that hangs down is great for shielding baby's face from the sun, or for providing coverage during a nursing session. We also love that Sakura Bloom has an entire line of organic slings, and a wonderful selection of men's slings, so that daddy can get in on the babywearing, too. And check out their commitment page - they donate a part of their proceeds to a non-profit in Tibet. Their slings are packaged in a gorgrous recycled box that makes them a perfect and unique shower gift.


  1. I'm so glad to see you continuing to promote carriers on your blog! Sleepwrap is very similar to MobyWrap, which is also a great option. And Sakura Bloom wraps are gorgeous (although pricey). I'm hoping to carry them (pun intended :)) in our store soon!

  2. I loved my hotsling and then as my daughter got older and now I love my ergo....I love all the talks about slings these days. I wish more and more people would sling b/c it is calms babies down quick and helps Mama get stuff down around the house. I never did the wraps as they really did confue me but if they work awesome. I just want something quick and easy to do. Not to say those are not.

  3. Our sleepy wrap got us through the colicy days, actually evenings! I loved that thing. We have an infants at work program at my office so I also got good use out of it there.
    I now use the Hotsling to hold my daughter on my hip. I love slings!


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