The solution to the mounting debt in your life...


  1. very funny. very true. whats interesting is that i have never bought anything i cannot afford. i am 25 years old, been working part-time or full-time since i was 18 years old and have never had credit card, and what comes along with that is no credit. i could barely get a loan for a car recently. they said "this looks sketchy because you are 25" and i said, "well i thought i was being smart by not getting a credit card and having a savings instead...." looks like i was wrong. i have applied for 3 credit cards recently, and i have been denied 3 times. i just didnt know...

  2. Jen, if a certain credit card denies you, you are flagged by that company and they will automatically deny you for 3-6 months. Your best bet is to go to your bank and get a bank issued Visa or Mastercard. They know your banking history and can determine what type of limit you can "handle."

    We put all groceries and gas on our card and pay in full each month and have excellent credit. My hubby is in the banking industry, I'm not trying to be a know it all. :)

  3. Haha! This video is fantastic. I was swinging by here cause one of my friends follows you and I'm lovin' the video. LOL. Thanks for posting it.

    My family are all "buyaholics" i even used to be one too. Now I've learned. What's the point? Why not buy things with cash then deal with credit cards?


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