NOW HIRING: a job opportunity

Please pass the word around. We are trying to fill this position asap.


Title: Repetitive Inquiry Respondent

Responsibilities: Be available 24 hours a day to answer random and unending questions, such as "Do dragons poop while they are flying?" and "Why do we need to eat food every day?", so that parental figure can have a cohesive thought and complete menial daily tasks within their home environment

Skills Needed: a general and thorough knowledge of EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD, including but not limited to cars, trucks, dinosaurs, superheroes, lasers, pirates, monsters, and bank robbers.

Benefits: the satisfaction prolonging the life of a certain four-year-old and his mother

Salary: today I will pay any amount requested to stop answering these questions. (generosity of boss subject to change without notice.)

TO APPLY, leave a comment with the answer to the following question:

Why do Superman and Batman wear capes, but not Spiderman?


  1. they have hairy backs and need to hide them, spiderman does not. duh!

  2. Because Superman and Batman both fly (well Batman sorta flies) and Spiderman does not. Everyone knows capes are for flying. Besides, Spiderman would just get his cape tangled in all those sticky webs he keeps flinging all over the place. :)

  3. ...that's the way there outfits were made.

    Today at lunch I told my daughter that she could ask as many things as she wanted, but I would not be answering, because I wanted to eat my salad, and it is rude to talk with food in my mouth.

  4. Because Edna designed Spiderman's outfit (see The Incredibles movie).

  5. I found this website off of

    They claim to be able to answer all of your child's whyzz, whatzz, and howzz. Looks like a cute website!

  6. Batman has a cape because he is part bat, and it helps him fly. Superman wears the cape because it helps him fly. Spider man (does not fly, he jumps/swings) is part spider and does NOT wear a cape because it would interfere with his web jumping/swinging abilities! The cape has a very specific purpose: flying.
    Can you tell I have brothers and sons, but no other girls in the family???
    If you don't have the answer, tell them you have to do research and find out for them and get back later. It puts it off, and maybe gives you a 'discovery mission' opportunity together! It can be fun. I am available for this counseling position, but my fee is very high!

    Love your posts, they bring many SMILES!!!


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