I wish this picture was full of crap

I am in somewhat of a conundrum.

On the one hand, I want to be that mom who is totally laid-back about potty-training. I think that pushing kids to train early is neither developmentally or psychologically appropriate. Plus, potty-training is a pain. So my motto has always been: wait until they are completely ready, and then wait a little more. They will get there. No hurry.
On the other hand . . .
I really really really really really want India to start preschool with Jafta this summer. I am so looking forward to a little peace and quiet a couple mornings of quality time with the baby. So I may have starting pushing the potty training just a wee bit.
(get it? wee?)
Which is making both mommy and India a little pissy.
(omg I am cracking myself up with the wordplay)
So any ideas for getting India potty-trained in the next two months, without making both of us crazy?


  1. She is so very precious....relax...it will come!
    sandy toe

  2. I was the same way with my son. I thought he will train when he is ready. But I ended up having to push him becuase he was the last one in his daycare class potty trained, and trying to keep up with him and the baby was too mauch for me. So I made a sticker chart and everytime he went we put a sticker on the chart and then counted them for that day at night. When that got boring for him I did a candy dish on the back of the potty, Everytime he went he got a peice. And if he kept his pants dry all day then at the end of the day he got a dollar store toy. This worked for us. Eventually towards the very end, after we knew he knew what he was doing, we did have to resort to some time outs but that was rare. Once he started keeping dry pull ups, I switched him to real underware and I only had a handful of accidents.

  3. Okay, I may not win mother of the year, but I trained both of my kids with bribes. LOL You'd be surprised what a toddler will do for a fist full of m&ms!!!

  4. Oh Mama, I'm with you on this one! My 3.5 year old Rocco will go to pre-school this fall IF I can get him to wear underwear. He does great hitting the potty. As long as he's naked from the waist down. So he's naked. All day. Every day. I'm tired of looking at his junk. All day. Every day. Grrrrrr.

  5. I have 3 teens (thankfully all potty trained). Relax. Her face *so* does not want to be told what to do...btw, she is lovely.
    It is the one thing they know they control, so if you are stressed, I am convinced they hold out. With my oldest I had videos, silly songs, and books. I tried to bribe him (he was NOT fooled), read books, and he told me he would use the potty when he was three. (I had 3 kiddos in diapers and I really wanted him in pre-preschool. Anyway, he kept his word. On his 3rd birthday viola.

    The twins, I did not even play games. I had potty chairs out, the videos, etc, but acted as though it mattered not (again, the whole pre-pre-school thing was looming) and they made the cut-off.

    Each child is so different and while I have heard one can force potty training, why the hassle and battle? All kids eventually use the potty. Hang in there, you will make it.

  6. I strongly recommend the tiny book Potty Training One Two Three. I trained both my girls (at India's age) with their method and it just WORKS! A combo of bribes and an unusual approach to how you introduce the concept but it works. Same authors who wrote Baby Wise....

  7. What worked for us was the advice I got from another mom. We had been "playing" at potty-training for months -- letting him use the potty, but always keeping a diaper or pull-up on afterward. But one day, we just went cold turkey into underwear -- gave away the diapers, so they weren't even an option anymore. Of course, this involves staying in the house for 2 or 3 days or longer(which is REALLY hard for me), but it was worth it! He got it MUCH more quickly than I was anticipating. By the second night, he was so into wearing underwear that he didn't want a pull-up at night, either, so he was day and night-trained by the second day. I hope you find a plan that works for you!

  8. Ok, my secret that I made up... THE POTTY FAIRY! Worked like a charm for my girls. I have three girls and I also have helped potty train several other kids since I watch a few neighborhood kids during the week. I am writing a book now with more details about this magical fairy! However, she brings treats in the mailbox for every surprise your child leaved in the potty :) They start to WANT to go in potty instead of hating it! Also, ONLY allow big girl undies. They will be more likely to just let it fly if they know it is going to be caught by their pull up. They will think twice if they have undies on :) I could go on forever, but she is SMARTER than you think and the Potty Fairy will hopefully make things click. Good luck and let me know if you use this trick :)

  9. I used the book "Toilet Training In Less Than A Day" by By Nathan H. Azrin, Ph.D. & Richard M. Foxx, Ph.D. and LOVED it. All 3 of my kids were trained at or before 24 months. My son was a little trickier than my daughters, but it still worked.


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