Friday Giveaway: fabulous outfit from Boob Maternity

BOOB Maternity is the best maternity wear you've never heard of. Despite the funny name, this company has some seriously cute clothes - think H&M for pregnant moms. What's even better, they are made of all-organic cotton. They carry everything, from leggings, to skirts, to jeans, to nursing tops. You can tell that someone with pregnancy experience has designed their clothing, because they have thought of everything. Their maternity pants sit below the waist, but have a panel you can leave under the tummy or pull above for extra coverage. Their nursing tops are nothig short of genius. BOOB is a one-stop shop for working moms and stay-at-home moms alike.
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What Boob Design ensemble is your dream maternity outfit?

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And now, for the winner of last week's giveaway: The winner of the Crayola set is:
((((((((( LyonsLove ))))))))))

The winners of the Kimberly Parry Moisture, Tone, and Treatment sets are:
(((((( JanetFaye, AngelFabs, and JoannaontheLake))))))

The winners of the Kimberly Parry Mama & Baby sets
(((((( Idahomom, Lacey, and Laura Benjamin ))))))

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  1. So I'm not pregnant but I am nursing and I would love to have the v neck nursing shirt and the hoodie. It would make my life so much easier...

  2. I love the BOOB wrap made for curves. All the clothes look super cute and comfy!!

  3. Having a 3 month old I've discovered that social situations- ANY social situations short of a La Leche League meeting- are not suited for nursing mothers. The Boob Nursing Singlet has got to be the answer to my prayers!

  4. I like the maternity terry wrap. Thanks!

  5. boob flattering v and i also like the patterned grey dress, but i can't seem to find it advertised on their site.

  6. I like the Flattering V in the poppy color- I recently pulled out all my old maternity clothes and discovered that I don't like most of them. These ones are cute!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  7. I am a subscriber for the weekly update-thanks!
    linjenals at yahoo dot com

  8. I would love one of their short-sleeved maternity dresses. I am in my 1st trimester and just started to need some new clothes!

  9. So I am due in June and being practical . . . The nursing line is better for me because it will last longer. I have also never worn nursing clothing and am curious to see if it is something I would like to buy more of, but again being practical I would never buy any for myself without knowing I'd get my money's worth out of it. I love the plain tank top singlet, v neck top, and hoodie. I also loved all of the colors.



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