No more wardrobe malfunctions.

When Lucy was about 17 months old she became fond of sleeping au naturel. This led to many horrible cleaning and subsequent Clorox wipe needing disasters. I tried multiple onesies, multiple layers, but she still found ways to shimmy out of them. When I searched for answers I mostly came up with "duct tape the diaper shut" (impossible since she wears cloth) or "cut the feet off of zipper pajamas and put them on backwards." (I couldn't imagine cutting her cute jammies, and it is stinking hard enough to get her wriggly self into them the right way.) At the end of my rope and dreading every nap and bed time I came along the most brilliant suggestion of all. Hook and eyes. Of to the fabric store I went. Life has never been the same since. It has been nearly a year since I have had to clean poop from the crib railings thanks to these little metal miracles.
All that I had to do was hand stitch the hook and eyes under the zipper part of the pajamas. Her tricky little hands haven't been able to outsmart them. Mind you, she tries, just look at the above picture with her sneaky face and fiddling fingers. My only challenge now is finding zipper pajamas in size 2T that aren't fleece. Thus the blue, very boy looking dinosaur outfit she is currently rocking. Thank you so very much smart mom on some random message board for sharing your brilliance. You saved my sanity!


  1. I had the same problem with my daughter. I would onsie her, then jammie her and hope that was enough. Then we would redress her when we went to bed. Luckily, her poop time wasn't a sleep time so it was just pee in the crib. Finally I potty trained her and got rid of her crib to be done with the madness. Of course that was a year and a half ago, and she isn't night trained yet, but for whatever reason she only strips down about once a month now.

    If my younger daughter tries this nonsense I will buy some of those hooks.

  2. If you are looking for zip pjs that are not fleece and are footless in 2T Gerber makes them. I just bought 3 packs for my son at Target. He is Houdini when it comes to taking off his clothes and we've cleaned MANY a poopy mess. I just put them on him backwards and voila!

  3. Brilliant! I love it. By the way, since you said you use cloth dipes (YAY!), did you ever try the side snap dipes and/or covers? Those are generally pretty hard for toddlers to take off.

    On a semi-related note, a while back I offered to the Mamas to do a cloth diaper give-a-way (since I make embellished prefolds and am part of the Cloth Diaper Team on Etsy and could probably get some other diaper makers to join in on the fun). Who would I talk to about that???

  4. Oh..will it stop him????I don't know...I hope.
    sandy toe

  5. Awesome idea. And non-fleece are really hard to find. I love the total coverage of footie jams, but my kids are incredibly warm-blooded and get overheated. Still, those are some seriously cute dino jammies Lucy's wearing. My daughter would love them.


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