Friday Giveaway: Travel With Me

With Spring Fever approaching, we figure that many of our readers will be doing some traveling in the near future.  We are excited to offer a giveaway today that is for those traveling with small children who cringe at using the airline pillows.  You know, the ones that were drooled on by the guy traveling home from his weekend in Vegas.  Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...just check the drooly pillow for evidence.  Eeewwwww, right?!

Here is what we have got for you mamas -- two of the great products from Travel with Me:

Travel With Me - Jetheads Disposable Airline Pillowcases

Use one of these puppies to slip over the pillows that have been used by who knows who and stepped on by who knows who...

Travel With Me ~ Super Comfy Down Travel Pillows

Treat yourself to a wonderously soft and comfortable pillow for the airplane, car or anywhere you feel like resting your head! This compact, travel-sized pillow is available in either a plush 30% down/70% feather fill or a soft, Faux Down fill that offers the super fluffy comfort of down, but without the feathers! Pillows compress very nicely for packing, then spring back up when you're ready for a nap.

To win your own Travel With Me set of disposable pillow cases and pillow, please leave us a comment answering this question:

"What is your best tip for traveling with kids?"

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And now, for the winner of the Curious George board games....shoot us an email and we will hook you up!


  1. Hot wheels cars and wipes in my purse, always. Maybe a small bag of toys and a snack for each boy to carry, but with 3 cars and a few wipes, I've imagined impromptu carwashes, bedtime for cars, "let's wash the railings for the owners of this place", and other more practical things.

  2. My best tip is not to let them eat anything new just before traveling. We were at the airport and my grandson wanted a drink so we got him this lime looking punch. As we were boarding the plane he started breaking out in hives. By the time we landed his face was almost swollen shut. So our first visit to a foreign country was a trip to the hospital. From now on we bring our own or they can only have their regular foods. Thank you!

  3. When we traveled on an airplane with our then almost-2-year-old, we made sure to have a collection of snacks that she loves but doesn't always get to have at home, as well as markers and paper, books, a portable DVD player, and small toys to play with. Plus, since she was young enough that we hadn't bought her a seat of her own, we brought along a soft blanket to lay across us so that we could put up the armrest and she could lay down and sleep. All in all, it went pretty well!


  4. I'm on the mailing list!


  5. Cheerios and toys / books are a must!

  6. Toddler harness. Gives them freedom to get up and walk around during a long wait at a busy/scary airport. Gives mom and dad piece of mind that their child isn't going to run off, AND minimizes antsy stroller tantrums, It's a win-win.

  7. My best travel tip is to ration the toys rather than give them all out at once. When they get bored with a toy, another one magically appears! Depending on the length of the trip, you might even be able to "recycle" the earlier toys.

  8. I'm an email subscriber at katwalck at hotmail dot com

  9. I have you on my blogroll (right hand sidebar)


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