Follow the Leader

They stand at my feet.

"I want a green one

no not yellow

I said please Mom!"

"Mama, can I just have an orange one!"

He yanks on my legs.

"I just want one more

and a green one and then three

MOM, you're not listening!"

He snaps, he fusses, he stomps.

He wants wants wants

he's not doing it right

He can't wait for what he wants.

"Child, you need to back up!

ask in your regular voice

not with a whine...

just give me some space!"

"I was doing something

I will get it for you

it will be green

and then orange

stop grabbing

stop pulling

don't cry

get off your brother's foot

get off my foot


I snap, I fuss, I stomp.

I can't wait for what I want.


I see it then,

we're the same.

we want.

I stop

and I sigh

and I breathe

and start again.

"Let me come down there

let me sit with you

let me look at you

what color would you like?"

and I smile

"Green, I think you said green.

Now how about if you ask again?"

I speak calmly

so does he.

He smiles

We share a snack and a laugh

no tears, no fuss, no stomp

just us.

(Heather blogs daily at The Extraordinary Ordinary)


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