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The crockpot can be mom's best friend, especially for those of us who like to laze about in the afternoon instead of cooking. Recently, we stumbled upon the blog of a mom who commited to making a new crockpot recipe every day for a year! It's called A Year of CrockPotting, and it is chock full of great recipes. We are stealing one for today, but go check out her blog for more ideas!

Turkey Cutlets in Mango Salsa

--1 lb of turkey breast cutlets.
--1 can tomatoes and chiles
--2 mangoes
--2 peaches
--1 T dried minced onion
-- 1 bunch cilantro
--1/4 cup water

The Directions.
1. peel and chop up the fruit. Mother Nature most certainly had a sense of humor when she developed mangoes. Those things are ridiculously hard to cut.
2. in a small bowl, combine the can of tomatoes and chiles with the chopped fruit, cilantro, water, and dried onion flakes.
3. lay the pieces of meat into the bottom of the crock--slightly stagger the pieces so they don't stick together.
4. cover with your newly-made salsa

cook on low for 5-8 hours.

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  1. This blog also has gluten free recipes. :-) It is a wonderful blog!


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