Crack Kills. Shade Can Help.

Ever noticed that mothering requires a lot of bending? Some days I feel like I am flashing the whole world my backside. A deadly combo of low-rise jeans and a post-partum body often has me tugging my pants up all day. (And don't even get me started on the muffin top phenomena . . . )
Shade Clothing has been one of my favorites since a friend told me about the company. Their whole mission as a company is providing modesty. And not this kind of modesty:

But a hip, stylish mom kind of modesty:

As in, helping you look cute without showing your crack. In their own words, "we were just thinking that women should not have to choose between being modest and being stylish. They could – and should – have both, and we were going to help them do so." The company started with their super-soft layering tees, camis and tanks. Their tops are extra-long, to make sure your tummy and bum are covered no matter what jeans you choose. Since then, they've greatly expanded the line to include sweaters, dresses, bottoms, and even swimwear.

They also have a fabulous maternity line, which has been my favorite maternity tee so far. It is extra-long and comes in great solid colors. Best of all, it still looks great after every washing. Which is good - because I wear it nearly every day. If you are a nursing mom, Shade has some great options for you, too. Their classic cami paired with one of their cardigans is a great way to give baby access while providing coverage for mommy.

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  1. Those clothes are fantastic. I love the modesty comparison too. Hehehe


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