who says TV is bad for kids?

I know that there has been some recent research suggesting that there is no benefit to kids watching television, even when the shows are educational. But I beg to differ. My daughter is two years old, and I have never worked on the ABC's with her. Ever. I'm not one of those moms who does a lot of academic training with the kids. At this age, I try to stick to teaching them more practical things. Like how to give me a pedicure, or how to fetch mommy's box of Chardonnay from the fridge. But look at what India showed me she can do! This is all thanks to Sesame Street:


  1. That kid is freakin' CUTE.

    Too bad she has such low self-esteem, eh? ;-)


  2. That was hilarious. I think it ended with "mommy" which is the best part.

    PBS rocks.

  3. That was adorable. She is beautiful and I love at the end where she cheers herself on. Yaaaaay! So cute. I am with you on the TV thing. At this point your kid just needs to think she is super cool and know she is loved...reading a novel and mastering arithmetic can come later on.

    Good for you mom!

  4. Dang it. If only I could get my little one to watch Sesame St, he could be smart too!
    He only watches the Imagination movers.


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