TALK BACK: Why is it . . .

That some things taste so much better when somebody else makes it for you?
Jason woke me up this morning as his mom was on the way to our house and took me on a little date to get pancakes. We went to Original Pancake House (don't go thinking it was IHOP... ewww) and I ordered my most favorite Buckwheat Pancakes. Whole grain happiness. I found a recipe here if you would like to make your own. I might give it a try, but I fear they won't measure up to what I will likely dream about for weeks.

What are the foods that although you try and try to make yourself, are worth a trip out for?


  1. Now I can speak for this...COFFEE...I have a wonderful coffee maker but it's not like my good ole Starbucks...I need that cardboard cup, lid and a barissta behind the counter to make it perfect.
    -sandy toe

  2. Sushi! I'm just never going to have that much uninterrupted time. Well, not for the next 10 years anyway!

  3. authentic Mexican food!

  4. good pizza... love TJ's whole wheat pizza dough, but I've never been successful enough to out-do our favorite local pizza spot!

  5. cajun food! my hubby eats meat and i don't, so we go out to our favorite cajun place so we can both get what we want. he gets crawfish etoufee and i get b&b (black beans and carmelized corn). yum!

  6. this is funny to me, but my husband always talks about how sandwiches are better when I make them, so sometimes it doesn't even have to be eating out, but just having someone else prepare it for you!
    but otherwise, I agree with sandy toes, on the coffee issue. :)

  7. Coconut curry anything. Much better out. And I agree with the above...
    mexican, coffee, sushi...

  8. I'm new around here, and I just had to weigh in. I agree with Heather -- mexican food! We are far from anywhere that serves good mexican or tex-mex cuisine, but when the opportunity arises to go out for some enchiladas or fajitas, we don't turn it down!


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