Talk Back: A good belly laugh

Tonight, while reading a bedtime story, my husband and 2 kids had a rip roaring belly laugh session going on. Nothing was particularly funny. I think the trigger was the word "ladybug". But, every time "ladybug" was said, the laughing started until there were nearly tears because of the intensity of it. There was a ladybug on every page so you can only imagine. It is such a great reminder of how beautiful the sound of laughter is, and what that belly laugh feeling does for you. -A natural high, for sure. My kids laugh like this all the time together. But, you can see it on their countenance when we are engaging in the laughter, in the joy, in the fun with them.

When was the last time you witnessed a great belly laugh? Do you remember what triggered it?

If it has been awhile, make it your goal to be giddy with your kids today! Moonwalk for them while bringing dinner to the table, it does the trick every time.


  1. Laughter is good medicine, isn't it?

  2. Ryan is so good at doing this with the boys. The tickles and silly names and stories always do the trick.

    The boys also LOVE it when I dance like a freak with them. Gets the giggles going every time. :)


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