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How old was your child the first time they spent the night away from you? What were your feelings about it? How did it go? How often does your child spend the night away now? How does it work out?

And most importantly, if you do get the occasional night to yourself, what do you do???
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  1. We have no family in the state we live in but my parents do come down and watch my kids and we go away!
    -sandy toe

  2. Now that Phoebe's four, she sometimes has sleep-overs at Grandma's. Grandma lives 30 mins away. She picks Phoebe up in the afternoon, they have the evening together, and in the morning the rest of us turn up. I can highly recommend it!
    Guy is too little to go at the moment, but I'm thinking it won't be too long!

  3. Kellen was 8 months the first night he stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. It went well and I did better than I thought I would! He is 19m now and he has slept away from us about 4 times. Everytime I say we will do it more often because it is wonderful and both sets of Grandparents are within 15 minutes! My husband and I enjoy staying in bed in the morning when Kellen is gone.

  4. we leave our kids often. :)

    my oldest was about 8 months old the first time we left him overnight. it was fabulous!

  5. Please say that Debra P stands for Debra Parker!!!! I tried to email using the link on the page but firefox will not let me. It sends up an error message.

    my email

    ernest.debra (at) gmail (dot)com

  6. The first time I was away from Miles for an over-night was when I was in the hospital having Asher. Believe it or not. He was two! And we haven't left the two of them for an over-night, but Miles has gone to stay with my parents. We don't have anyone living close by (obviously)

  7. My daughter was 15 months when we left her for the first time, I had a conference to go to in Vegas, and we decided to make it a date weekend. But recently I left my daughter, now 2 and my 6 month old for 5 days while hubby and I took a little vacay!! Super Fun! And the kids loved every second of it.

  8. Our first night away is coming up this weekend! We live with my parents right now so leaving our 21-month old here with them shouldn't be a huge adjustment- so we're hoping!

  9. My in laws took our first for an overnight when he was 6 months I think? Our other two have come in such quick succession that I've totally lost count on when they stayed overnight for the first time. It has always been with nana and papa except for one time when we had three family friends each take one of the kids. They are 7,5 and 4 now and have probably stayed overnight (without either my husband or myself) 7-10 times in their lives- more for the older, less for the youngers.

    I think time with grandparents without the parents around is essential. Kids need other loving adults in their lives besides their own parents. And parents need time alone together.

  10. My son stayed with my parents overnight for 4 days when he was 4 months old. He had always spent overnights with them. I had no problem leaving him with them because they were "my" parents. He never stayed overnight with his other grandparents. We moved out of state so those days are long gone. My parents came to visit and hubby and I went away for the night and left 20mth daughter for the first time.
    In regards to spending the night at a friends house my son was 8 1/2the first time he did that and I worried the whole night.


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