MAMA PICKS: valentine's gifts

K-Y Yours & Mine is the first intimacy enhancing product for couples – a gift that keeps on giving! There is a vial for him, and a vial for her, and when combined, the sparks will fly!

Happy Mama Spray is an uplifting aromatherapy spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby. It's made only with pure essential oils and flower essences for on-edge new mamas as well as more seasoned, patience-tested ones. We think it's the perfect thing to spray on your bed linens, to de-stress your mind at the end of the day!

Mint Herbal Lip Balm is made with organic calendula, organic St. John's wort and shea butter in an organic olive oil base. This delicious, toxin-free lip balm is cruelty-free and artificial preservative-free — NO parabens! It's the perfect way to get your lips kissibly soft for your sweetie.
SMOOTH Body Oil from Kimberly Parry Organicsi is a great massage oil. It is naturally high in vitamin e and essential fatty acids, and it absorbs quickly and easily. It's made of olive oil infused with st. johns wort, rosehip oil, safflower oil, and a custom blend of organic essential oils.

LifeStyles Excite Stimulating Sensual Gel is forumulated with L-Arginine, an amino acid that boosts the body's production of nitric oxide (NO), relaxing and dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow to sensitive areas. In a recent consumer study, 94% of women reported an improved ability to reach climax after multiple uses. 'Nuff said.


  1. Wow...never heard of some of these products..interesting!
    -sandy toe

  2. My father-in-law made a rather funny comment about the his and hers. He asked what would happen of a wife wanted to get 'randy' and the husband said, 'okay, but I'm out of stuff.'

  3. Cool Stuff! You can get more Valentines Gifts from spacify.


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