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I have been reminded many times this pregnancy of the scant availability of cute maternity clothes. However, with a little searching (and online shopping), I have found some new favorites that are outfitting expecting moms with fashion, fit, AND comfort. If you've got your own bundle cooking, check these out:

{Best All-Around}

Pure T is the place to go for luxuriously soft and cute maternity clothes. Made of organic cotton with vegetable dyes, their shirts are cozy and designed for real life. They are so soft and flattering that I wear them nearly every day. The t-shirts have great detailing, like smocking, welted seams, or cap sleeves, that set them above the typical tee. Plus, they plant a tree for every shirt purchased. We love that! I have a feeling I will be wearing these t-shirts long after the baby is born.

BOOB Maternity is the best maternity wear you've never heard of. Despite the funny name, this company has some seriously cute clothes - think H&M for pregnant moms. What's even better, they are made of all-organic cotton. They carry everything, from leggings, to skirts, to jeans, to nursing tops. You can tell that someone with pregnancy experience has designed their clothing, because they have thought of everything. Their maternity pants sit below the waist, but have a panel you can leave under the tummy or pull above for extra coverage. Their nursing tops are nothig short of genius. BOOB is a one-stop shop for working moms and stay-at-home moms alike.

Amon Maternity is a line of supportive undies that are unlike anything I've seen. I tend to carry my babies big and out in front, and by the 8th month my back is screaming. During my first pregnancy I wore a hideous maternity belt for support. It was effective, but it was unsightly and dug into my skin. Amon has creative underwear and support bands that offer the same support, but in a fabric like something you would expect at an upscale lingerie shop. And it's actually pretty! The support band gives the baby support, but also smoothes out the tummy (and any other bulges) under your clothes. They also have a post-pregnancy body shaper that I can't wait to try.

{Best Dresses}

Shabby Apple has a new line called Mama Apple. We've long been a fan of their body-friendly dresses, and their maternity line does not disappoint. Mama Apple is a complete line of maternity dresses that let expecting women both look good and feel good. The dresses are made of jersey knits and stretch cotton poplins and stay in the $60-$70 price range. Their dresses remind us of anthropologie - perfect for making you feel pretty as that bump grows. An added benefit: Shabby Apple is a is dedicated to giving a portion of the proceeds to help other working women throughout the world by extending micro-credit loans to mothers in less-wealthy countries.

{Best Undies}

Bella Materna has created a lingerie line to awaken your inner sexy, even as your body changes. Their products are made from high quality nylon/lycra for the perfect comfortable stretch, and trimmed with french lace. Their panties fit just under the belly, and are oh-so-sexy, but their collection also includes nursing bras, camisoles, and sleepwear. We also love that all of Bella Materna’s items are manufactured within the United States and are always produced under safe, healthy conditions!

{Best Tees}

Belly9 carries a line of fun, hip maternity tees and tanks with messages for every taste. We love the "Buddha Belly" tee. Their shirts are made of soft, form fitted stretchy 100% cotton, but my favorite part is the length - they are extra long to make sure that bump is covered the whole 9 months!

Mollyana offers trendy and stylish 100% organic pregnancy tees and green maternity clothing so you can feel good about wearing luxuriously soft, environmentally sustainable organic cotton. They are one-size-fits-all, so our only complaint is that they run a bit small.

{Best Splurge}

Childish Maternity makes clothes that are well-made, fashionable, very soft, and with a rock-star sensibility. Their jeans are super sexy and have a cleverly concealed low-cut elastic instead of a panel. They seem perfect for postpartum wear, too. But my favorite part of Childish's line is their comfy cotton dresses, which are bohemian and flirty, and a perfect wardrobe staple for pregnancy.

Isabella Olivier's tag line is "for pregnant women who love clothes" . . . and we agree. Their signature style is the "wrap" - both shirts and dresses that can be adjusted to fit over the growing bump. Their line is based on classic lines and neutral colors, so mixing and matching is easy.

{Best Workout Clothes}

Okay, we realize the term "workout" may be a stretch by the time you hit that final month, but who doesn't want some comfy, breathable clothes throughout their pregnancy? Zobha is the perfect solution, for yoga or walking or just lazing about. Their camisoles are perfect for layering, and you will want to live in their yoga pants - whether you are practicing tree pose or running errands, these are sure to be a favorite in your maternity wardrobe.

{Best Stretch Mark Cream}

Kimberly Parry launched in 1999 with a vision: to create beauty and bath products that are all natural, healthy, organic, and preservative free. All products are made fresh to order with the best natural ingredients. Their BELLY BUTTER is an excellent emollient for pregnant bellies. It helps prevent stretch marks and soothes growing skin with jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil, and unfiltered beeswax.

{Best Skin Care}

Mama Mio's skincare line has developed a ‘No Nasties’ ban: a promise that you will never find synthetic fragrance, petrochemicals, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, sodium laureth sulfate, animal ingredients and parabens in their products. Mama Mio products are primarily designed for one thing: increasing skin elasticity. You’re gonna grow, you’re gonna shrink; and your skin may suffer – but it’s a battle that their products are built to fight! Their secret weapon is the of omega 3, 6 and 9 - also known as Essential Fatty Acids - known for keeping skin supple.

{Best Post-Partum Care}

If you are pregnant and not familiar with Earth Mama Angel Baby, it's time to get acquianted! They have a product for every stage of pregnancy and beyond. They use the highest-quality, certified-organic herbs and oils for teas, bath herbs, gentle handmade soaps, salves, lotions and massage oils. Products are 100% toxin-free, cruelty-free, vegan, and free from all artificial preservatives, fragrances and dyes. Earth Mama Angel Baby utilizes natural and herbal remedies and plant medicine. We love all of their products, but the Postpartum Recovery Kit is a must for delicate bottom during the weeks after birth. It addresses all the unpleasantries a new mama might be experiencing, from baby blues to achy bottom, and even has a delicious, comforting and soothing tea to jumpstart recuperation. It's the perfect gift for a new mama!


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  2. SWEET! I'm saving this post for when I'm preggers! Awesome!!!

  3. Great Post. I love all of the cute clothes. At this point I just need things to cover my HUGE body. I love the lotions-that fits my body right now.

  4. Maternity clothes have become cuter!
    -sandy toe

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  6. There are so many cute maternity clothes I love it. I am always trying to find cute things to wear that are still stylish. Look here maternity clothing for more great stuff.

  7. I agree, Pure T makes the softest maternity tees ever! I got mine at - they have that Boob line too.

  8. Here I am... pregnant and glad I saved this post. :) I'm going to check out the links you recommended. :) PS... feel free to send me any preg clothes you don't want anymore. ;)

  9. I love my Amon bodyshaper! Perfect after I had my baby and needed tummy support to not look pregnant anymore. Unfortunately Amon Maternity is no longer selling their stuff on their website. They recommend purchasing from Free shipping!

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  12. The pregnant ladies should wear a skinny jeans to look gorgeous… really they would be looking so nice.

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  19. Great list ... buyer beware ladies. It's worth it to get great quality stuff when you're buying maternity. Why? Because though I have four kids (6 to 14) and am done with pregnancy, I tossed on a (still very cute and very slim) maternity top to go out the other day. Seriously. (No one could tell, and no, I don't still look pregnant!) :)

  20. I have to say that is my favorite place to buy maternity dresses. They have tons of great styles!

  21. Still frustrated after checking all the websites on here...It seems like people who make maternity clothes do not understand the meaning of 'work pants'...all the ones I can find on here look more like leggings than actual professional pants.

    Any recs of where to buy maternity pants when you cannot go to work in jeans or leggings? I found like 2 pairs in all of these websites, and they were almost $200 dollars which is outrageous for someone with a baby on the way...


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