Kid's busy box

Have any of you heard of Kid's Busy Box?  What a brilliant idea!  These moms have created 20 high-quality crafts for each season that are pre-prepped and come with instructions for the busy mom, dad, grandma or grandpa so that you can sit your children down to do a great craft without having to seek out the idea, the instructions and the supplies.  Yes, it may cost more to have it prepped for you, but sometimes these are precisely the luxuries worth paying for.  Especially for the mama who wants to be crafty, but just does not have the crafty gene.  These crafts are ideal for kids ages 3-7.

Here is another super-fabulous feature they offer :: you can order a busy box and have it sent to your vacation destination (Grandma's house?) to cut down on your traveling load!  That just may be the best $24.99 you have ever spent!

The Kid's Busy Box team has offered our mama readers a discount...
enter this coupon code at checkout to get 10% off: manifesto10
[this discount code is valid until 2/25/09]

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