Why Sleep When You Can Read?

India seems to inherited my tendency to read books while I should be sleeping. This is often the scene I find when I come to get her out of bed in the morning, or after her nap. At bedtime, she is the queen of stealth, and will tiptoe out of bed and systematically "read" every book on her shelf. It's cute, but one of these days I will need to explain to her that this habit will not serve her well once she has actual responsibilities in the morning. But for now, I'm letting it go.

What do your kids do when they should be sleeping?


  1. How sweet...I can turn my "eyes" to reading but it's when they get older and try to play their DS in bed!
    -sandy toe

  2. Read, write, shine flashlights on the ceiling, and whisper to each other. Oh, and ask for a glass of water.

  3. My sons room looks exactly like this one-books cover every inch of floor space!

  4. Miles talks and talks and talks and talks and talks...to himself.

    Sometimes he sings.

    This goes on for about an hour every night. It's how he decompresses I guess. It's SOOO funny to listen to. If he always does this, his wife might find him truly unbearable :)

    Asher just goes right to sleep. After many months of hardly ever sleeping, I'm very thankful for this.

  5. I have recently found my kids clutching trains and cars in their hands as they sleep . . . so either their stuffed animals aren't cutting it anymore or they have been playing Thomas before drifting off to dreamland. LOL.

  6. I don't have any kids but I am a first grade teacher. I think it's FABULOUS she has a great love of books! This will be such a great asset to her when she learns to read. Thank you for instilling that in her. Of course, when her sleepiness from lack of napping hits her, I guess you'll have to enforace the rules, but hey, if she's looking at books - WHOOO!


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