Talk Back: Inspiration for the Stir Crazy

{sidenote:  Alias Denim announced the Mama Manifesto reader who won the pair of jeans is Emily Hill! Congrats, Emily!}

After reading the comments for the most recent Friday giveaway, I am feeling utterly spoiled with our amazing weather out here in California.  It is pretty clear that many of you are wishing for sunny weather and warmth.

There always seems to be a point in the seasons where one feels soooo ready for the next season to come.  Our summers can feel kind of long out here in CA, and one idea that I got from my sister a couple of summers ago is to set up a "Summertime Toy Trade".  She lives in a part of California that gets really, really hot in the summertime and there are certain times of the day that you just have to come indoors (unless you are floating in the pool).  She and some of her neighbors have set up a toy rotation where they each pull together a few of their favorite toys and games and put them in a box and rotate them from home to home so that each week there are fresh toys to play with.  They are "New" to my niece & nephew and by the time their toys come back to them, they have missed them enough to really play with them for a while.  

I am thinking this could be a good venture for neighbors or circles of friends for the winter as well.  It would be a good thing to set up some ground rules for how toys are handled and expectations for caring for other belongings.  I love that this saves money because you do not need to buy new toys that your kids will be tired of in a week or two.

What are your tips or ideas for breaking up the winter doldrums?


  1. We are going to the Great Wolfe Lodge..indoor waterpark hotel..I can't wait to feel that "heat"!
    -sandy toe

  2. I love the toy trade idea. It is brilliant. As for battling the stir crazies... play place at the mall, play place at Chick-fil-a, $1 movie theatre and cruising Costco at lunch time for free samples.

  3. We don't really get the winter doldrums here in Southern California. We do look forward to the occasional downpour, however, and everyone gets excited when we get to light the fireplace.

  4. The winter doldrums stink. We simply make a whole lot of play dates. INDOOR play dates. Minnesota calls for INDOOR play dates :)

  5. I think we made a toy rotation today!! Apolline is taking care of Pinky pie...By the way I'm very happy to discover your amazing blog...Thanks for all the sharing!

  6. I'm going to echo Heather. Here in Minnesota, we look for things to do indoors. Thankfully, the city has adapted. There are huge indoor playgrounds at area community centers, huge indoor water parks. Our Chuck E. Cheese's are clean and bright (and not crowded if you avoid the weekends). We have the Mall of America and one of the best children's museums in the country.

    And if we're stuck at home? We try to come up with something purposeful. Instead of watching TV all afternoon, we declare it a "Dora Day" and we print out stuff from Nick Jr. for games, coloring pages, etc. Then we watch some "Dora" and do the activities. It makes more memories that way, and we have a point to what we're doing.

    But when all else fails, we travel. :-) We just booked our San Diego trip today.


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