rubber buggy baby bumpers

Looking for a little inspiration with Baby Shower planning?  I recently put together a shower for a dear friend. The gender of this little one is a mystery which makes planning shower a fun challenge. I found the idea here (I can't resist borrowing one of the best invite ideas ever) months back and was just waiting for one of my friends to get pregnant so I could use it. Alicia and I stayed up late chatting, cutting, sewing and gluing and we are so thrilled with the end result.


  1. OH my that is so cute with the buttons!
    -sandy toe

  2. Ok, I need to find a pregnant person ASAP. I threw a shower for a friend last weekend, and while the invites were awesome and also included buggies, those are unbelievable! CAN'T WAIT to use that idea, thanks Julie!!

  3. I am trying to make these invites as we speak. Quick question..did you glue the material down at all?? I tried just sewing it and it kind of flaps on the left side. Thanks for your time!!

  4. I actually used my tape runner to tack down the left side of the fabric. Pretty much any type of paper adhesive would work well. I did it before I started sewing and it helped keep it in place as I stitched.


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