New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, Mamas!

I love the clean slate and fresh start that roles around each January 1.  I tend to have a few New Year's resolutions that make my list each year:

  • Eat healthier (especially after my week long fudge eating binge that hits when I am near my mom's homemade fudge over the holidays)
  • Exercise more regularly
  • Organize home
  • Connect with friends afar that have drifted out of my life that I miss dearly
  • Spend some quality quiet time with God each day
Then, there are the more random ones that are specific to that year.

This year: to continue to strive to be present with my kids in our moments, even the very busy ones; to continue to grow in gratitude and to train my mind to be aware of all the blessings that surround me daily; and to make sure I am making my husband a priority and showing him that I appreciate him; to make the most of the time I have (life is very busy for me right now!) and to prioritize it well.  

Here is what I am wondering today ...  given that one of our values  in our manifesto is providing a safe place for moms to be real, and to be a source of tools and information for other mamas out there ... 
  • what are your New Year's Resolutions?
  • what are some topics, resources, questions, ponderings that you would love to see on Mama Manifesto over the next year?  Got some burning questions you want us to try and answer or you want us to throw out to the mama readers to "talk back" on?  Got any issues you are dealing with in your marriage, as a woman, as a mama that you would love help with?  Need recipes for a specific meal?  Need to drop a few pounds but don't know where to start?  Any specific product categories you would like to see reviews on?
We want to hear about it!  Our intent for Mama Manifesto has always been that we would be growing a community here.  How can we help you with 2009?


  1. Last year, I aimed to write an actual snail mail letter/card to one friend each week, especially friends that live away and it's harder to keep up with. That lasted about a month. ;) But I do have a drawer full of cute stationery, so maybe I'll resurrect that goal this year! Another for 2009 is to keep all my Christmas cards in a basket, and choose one person/family each day to pray for.

  2. Oops, forgot to add an area I feel like I might need help with. :) I think that 2009 will likely be the year my son (age 3) will give up his nap. I am dreading this day and would love advice/ideas about how to survive the transition and the long days that follow. :)

  3. I really do not do resolutions but yours sound good to me!
    -sandy toes

  4. Happy New Year!

    It's just nice to know we have this safe place to visit and share each day...

    My husband and I are challenging ourselves to get back to the Superfoods way of life. I'm also dusting off the old Pilates video, and striving for four mornings a week.

    To Karon- One thing to look forward to once naps are a thing of the past is an earlier bedtime ;) Our son is starting to give up naptime, but instead of quitting cold turkey, he still has about an hour of quiet time in his room each day, reading, coloring, or doing puzzles, which is crucial for the sanity of all of us!

  5. My reslolution is just to try to be nice to my husband.....every day...even when i am tired from being with kids all day. I figure this one will keep me busy all year.


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