How to traumatize your kids while clearing out your sinuses

I have enjoyed using my neti pot ever since Dr. Oz and Oprah told me I should be doing it. (Because I do whatever Oprah tells me I should do). I gotta tell you, though, if you haven't tried it, you should. It's amazingly refreshing. And did I mention OPRAH does it?

So anyway, I've been deaing with a nasty cold for weeks now, and yesterday I was looking forward to giving the system a little flush. Jafta was at preschool, and India was hanging out with me in the bathroom. I prepared my pot, tilted my head, and got a good little stream going, when suddenly India got a glimpse of what I was doing and started SCREAMING BLOODY MURDER.

It was horrific. No parent ever wants to think about what their child would look like if they were witness to an act of violence. And yet, that is exactly what India looked like. I might as well have been gauging my eyes out, the way she was screaming. She was also yelling "NO, MOMMY NO!!! DON'T DO IT!!!" through her screams. She was completely and totally traumatized. I had to spend the next half hour comforting her, calming her down, and assuring her that I was not hurt. And then she followed me around like a mother bear following her cub, making sure that I didn't try any of that funny business again.

So, lesson learned. In the future, my Neti Pot use will be behind closed doors.


  1. I'm sorry your kids were traumatized but it's hilarious, none the less.

  2. Hee hee..yeah this is probaly something that should be done behind closed doors..never heard of this before! What next!
    -sandy toe

  3. Linked over from Sandy Toes. Love this post. I posted about the Neti Pot last year and decided that despite O's serious endorsement, I just couldn't use something where the chances of me water-boarding myself were infinitely high. Yeah, that's the way my luck runs! *lol*

    Love your blog and will definitely be back.

  4. Aha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That is hilarious!

    I say blame it on Oprah. Yeah that's it. Oprah traumatizes kids. ;)

  5. I have wanted to try that crazy contraption for so long, but have been too dang scared! I just wonder what sort of long lasting emotional damage I have inflicted on my kids who witnessed me throwing up multiple times a day for 8 months straight. How afraid are they going to be of pregnancy? Actually, might come in handy in the teen years. Birth control via childhood trauma.

  6. This is too funny! I love it! I have never seen this and it cracks me up that you actually have it! Now, that I am thinking about it, I probably should look into for my husband...the man has some allergies, I tell ya!

    So funny! Thanks for sharing!

  7. my oldest is unfazed at the sight... might be 'cause she spent 9 months watching me throw up in the sink when I was pregnant with her sister. Can't really time that sort of thing. But I do love a good sinus rinse! Two sinus surgeries later, I use the McNeill Sinus Rinse bottles, but I've always wondered if the neti would be better.

    Love your blog!

  8. LMAO at this post! But i am in total agreement with your offspring -eeeew!! Why? Why would you do that to yourself? I have enough issues using a normal nasal spray. You are one brave soul!! And after readign that i will be back!! haha.

  9. Saw your post on Mom Blog Network and had to comment...hysterical! I've always wanted to try the Neti Pot but haven't yet. If I do, I will be sure to be behind closed doors!

  10. I saw this on Oprah, too, and the next time I had a sinus infection, I used it. I couldn't look myself in the mirror or I would laugh and inhale the water! Definitely one of those things you lock the door to do.


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