Easy as ABC

This has got to be one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time for decorating cupcakes!  Think of the endless possibilities :: you could spell, "Happy Birthday", someone's name, a special word for a special occasion...  Better yet, your kids could help you do the spelling!

I got this idea from Better Homes & Garden's February issue.  They used the Trader Joe's Cinnamon Schoolbook Cookies and used a thin layer of icing and then sprinkled with colored sugar.

I think I will do this for my son's birthday.  I can see "happy birthday callen" in a long row.


  1. I was thinking of doing something similar for my almost 2 year old and centering the theme around the book "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom." We'll see, she will probably want me to do Little Einsteins or something uncreative like that.

  2. How cute! I just made 28 cupcakes for my daughters class today..they are fun! I love the "letter' idea!
    -sandy toe

  3. I love creating messages with these for my kids' lunch box! Great Valentines idea! Also, Camden has a Horton party in the works!! Maybe I can sneak them in somehow :)

  4. You know, I saw the picture in my issue of BH&G and I thought "Who has time to make cookies to then put on top of cupcakes you've already made? Crazy BH&G... (mutter, mutter)". Duh. I even have some of those cookies in my cabinet! It's a great idea. :)


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