Don't throw away those Christmas cards!

If you are like me, you probably have a stack of this season's Christmas cards sitting somewhere in the house. In the spirit of reducing, reusing, and recycling, why not try recycling them as gift tags to use next year? All you need is a pair of scissors, a hole punch, and some twine. Check out this tip from Ideal Bite on recycling cards.

Have a stack of photo cards that you can't bear to throw away? I hate tossing out photos, but never know what to do with them. One solution is to start a Christmas photo scrapbook. We have done this for the past five years and just now have a full book. I crop the photos down to fit several on a page, and it's a fun way to look back at our friends and family over the years.

Have any other ideas for repurposing Christmas cards?


  1. I do have a pile..but I scrap me crazy!
    -sandy toe

  2. Yes, I do have a stack of Christmas cards, but I'm not throwing my cards away...why? Am I missing something from this post? I'm confused. :(

  3. Modern Princess-

    The post accidentally got posted before it was finished. :) We love the idea of turning old Christmas cards into gift tags! Cut rectangles or circles and punch a small hole for ribbon and you are good to go!

    Sorry about the confusion. :)!!

  4. I recently saw a really cute Valentine's wreath in a catalog made of vintage Valentine's Day cards. Use Christmas cards and you have a cute Christmas wreath. Also, my grandma cuts old cards apart and then sews the cards into boxes etc. I think I may have seen somewhere that Martha Stewart sews old cards into boxes also.

  5. I too have a Christmas scrapbook that I make with all the photo cards and letters we get! It is so fun to go back and look at the changes in peoples' lives over the years!! Our kids LOVE when the Christmas album appears on the coffee table for the season, they just pour over all the pictures and ask lots of questions. What a great tradition. To make it simple, I usually give myself the goal that by the end of January, I've scraped the pages for the album . . . that way it is done and over with and I don't have to stress when the decorations come down the next year that I haven't done the scrapbook pages from last year!!!
    :) Julie

  6. AGH!!! I love the scrapbook idea of photo cards. Mine just went out in the trash yesterday. I'll have to remember it for next year

  7. We save our cards so that the following year we can use them to make our advent chain. The kids help cut the colorful card covers into 1" strips that can be looped into links. We pick out the prettiest nativity card, and use is as the base to count down to. The kids LOVE helping with this project!

  8. ohhh, I did the tag thing a couple of years ago. They were really cool and left a lot more space for writing little love notes on the tags. I used those scissors that give it a scalloped edge. Good one!

  9. My mom makes gift tags and ornaments out of them.


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